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Unified Remote for Android

The main reason I am reviewing this app is that “I am lazy” and I assume that most of you people who landed here are also lazy too. 

So what I am trying to convey is how awesome would it be for us lazy peeps to control our laptops or PC’s while not getting up from our couch or bed right from our phones?
Like.. changing the PC volume using our phone as a mouse or even playing songs or accessing our files all the way up to restarting or shutting down your systems or even viewing your desktop screen remotely on your phone no longer getting up from your place?

Yea, you heard me right. Read on to learn more about this gift to humanity…

What the Unified remote for Android app does

The primary purpose of the unified remote for Android is to control your computer right from your phone and it’s exactly what it does the best.

The app layout is very simple and easy to set up with a list of all remotes you want to use and after selecting them and configuring your server on your laptop you are good to go.
As you can see the main layout shows some of the available remotes and you can always add or remove the remote you want from the preferences menu.

I should say that only 18 of these awesome remotes are available for use in the free version but you can get your hands on all of the wonderful remotes by just paying 0.99$ on this cyber Monday deal! 
Also, the full version comes with 90+ free remotes along with voice commands, floating remotes, IR and NFC tag supports and even android wear control is available.

How to use it

The best part about the unified remote for Android is that its simplicity in getting started which involves in downloading the app from the play store and then setting up the server.

After installing the app make sure your mobile and the computer are present on the same wifi network or a LAN connection.
The app will then automatically detect and connect to the server after which you can select and explore various remotes provided on the home page of the app.

remote Android
You can also use your voice to open particular remotes and set up widgets on your home screen and have the most used or favorite remotes as a notification for quick access.

When can it be used

This the most exciting part of the post as I am about to tell you that when can you use this app and make the most of it…
First off the app can be used for typing on your laptop using your phone right now I am doing the same also you can use the voice dictation functionality of your phone to dictate your documents or any other important text right from your phone without having the need to physically type thus saving much more time for people who do a lot of typing.
Secondly, if you are like me and you hear a lot of songs you can use the app to play/pause and control the volume of the songs.

You can also use the various remotes provided for controlling your Spotify, VLC, and other media players, control your PowerPoint presentations, and even your web browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox right from your phone.
And like I already said you can use it to power off, restart, and also to put your computer to sleep, turn off the display, remotely view your computer screen on your mobile and lock your PC remotely when you are away from it.

Battery and memory consumption

I, like many of them out there, consider battery as the top priority of my phone and I can assure you that this app consumes very less to no significant percentage of your battery so you can use it with less fear of your battery draining.
And as far as the memory consumption goes it I have been using this app for the past 3 hours for dictating controlling media and other stuff and it has occupied only about 30-40 MB of memory so it should not be a problem for people with phones of less RAM.

Rating for the Unified remote app for Android

★★★★★My rating
It has got a rating of 4.7 with 100 thousand downloads in the play store for the Full version and a rating of 4.5 with over a 5 million downloads for the free version of the app.

Bottom line

If you are lazy but you want to be productive and make complex and boring everyday tasks easier and fun look no further.
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