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Upon reading the title of this post I am pretty sure that most of them would have thought that i am gonna talk and review about popular apps like Share it or Xender. 

But as far as those apps are concerned they are primarily serve the purpose of fast file transfers between devices and in my personal experience i never found them satisfying or reliable. 

But this app goes a step further which not only makes it fast and reliable but also one of the most unique and useful apps and gives complete access to your PC Files better than Unified Remote, 

But we know that is the best remote app. which is often overlooked in the plethora of not very useful but has millions of downloads and tracks the user data kind of apps.

What the app does

Ever felt angry because you cant find your USB cable or they are out of your reach and you are too lazy to go and get them or worse you don’t even own a USB cable but still want to transfer files to and from your computer at very high speeds? 

Or you want to listen to music in your favorite music app but that song is in your PC? Then this app is exactly what you should be using.

Here are some of the screenshots of the app.

The main screen of the app greets you with the list of all the servers that are present in the same network of your phone and provides a QR code for you to scan the server software on your computer that you have already set up. 

Once you have gone through the initial stages you are good to go and can start your file transfers.

The major purpose of this app is to make transfers between your phone and your computer a breeze and it does it much better than any other best apps out there. 

And also did I mention it is completely free highly customisable and also has a built in audio player?

How to use it

This app is actually very simple to use. The first step involves in setting up your sever on your PC and then ensuring that both your mobile and your computer are present in the same network.

The next step is to select which computer to share your files with and then your entire computer layout will be shown in your phone which includes all of your hard drives and even the external hard disks and pen drives you have connected.

And the best part is that you don’t need to provide individual permissions for accessing each and every folder, once you are connected you can access pretty much anything on your computer.

When can it be used

You can use this app in various scenarios such that viewing what kind of songs or movies present in your computer from your phone, streaming audio, video and photos directly from your computer and also you can upload the files from your phone to your computer anywhere you chose through the upload here option in the menu.

This app also lets you access the files your phone by providing an in built file manager!

Battery and memory consumption

Since this app does not require any kind of background running or services this does not consume your battery much unless you choose to stream the videos on your computer in your phone for a very long time.

Also since this app is free of ads and has a simple UI it does not consume much of your RAM either which is a good news for phones with low configurations.


Want faster transfers smooth streaming and an easier life? Give it a go…

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