New To Android? Here Are The Apps You Should Begin With


Just got a new phone? Well, check out the following list of best and important apps you should install right away.

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Whatsapp is the go to communication app for the current generation with a user base of 1 billion and growing.

This app currently owned by Facebook is the most preferred app by everyone and you cannot find a phone with it.

With Whatsapp, you can instantly connect with your friends and family through text message, voice and video calls, voice notes and it also allows you to share all kinds of media including photos, videos, gifs and even document files!

Even though android comes with the chrome browser inbuilt, it lacks some of the serious features required these days like Adblock, night mode and also it occupies too much of your RAM and storage space.

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So if you want an alternate browser that goes easy on your phone’s memory and also blocks those annoying and intrusive advertisements, consider it.

You cannot always expect to carry your USB cable with you wherever you go. 

And even if you do it can only be used for sharing and transferring files from your PC to your phone.

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What if you need to share some large files like movies or a lot of photos to your friends and want to do it quick and easy without any cables? 

SHAREit does exactly that allowing you to share your data wirelessly to your friends mobile and it also works with PCs!

Facebook Lite

This is the official lite version of Facebook and it is ideal for phones with less RAM or when your internet speed is too low.

You can also use this app as an alternative to the original Facebook if you think that it occupies a lot of your storage and consumes a significant part of your battery.

This is one of the most essential and useful apps you can install on your phone. 

It provides the information of the unknown people trying to call you by providing their information such as their name, state etc. right during the call.

Image result for truecallerIt also allows you to block specific callers and it has large a large database which could be used for searching unknown numbers and for identifying spam callers and adverts.

App lock is a very popular app on the play store and it is a life saver for people who tend to save confidential and personal information on their phone like bank account information or private images and videos.

It allows you to protect your apps by assigning a passcode or a pattern to every app you select and provides access only after the correct code is entered. 

It could be used for protecting your important apps and also it has a vault where you can save your photos or videos secretly.

Freecharge is an app which can be used for recharging your phone or anyone else’s. 

It also provides other services like paying your landline bill, your DTH, electricity bill etc.

It is very fast and performs the transactions almost instantly and you can even add money to your free charge wallet for immediate payments.

You might have heard of VLC for PC and this app for android comes from the same developer and it is no less than that.

It plays any format of media files you through at it be it audio, video, Mkv, Avi or anything. It also comes with no ads and has an inbuilt subtitles support. It can be used for playing both audio and video files!

Quite often you may suspect that you are not getting enough speed that you were promised by your service provider.

So speed test can clear your doubts by performing a test and providing results of your upload, download speeds by selecting the best nearby servers available.

What good a list of apps if it doesn’t have a google app, right? Here you go, one of the best apps ever made by Google, Photos.

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This photos app by google acts as a gallery of your phone by displaying all your media files. 

It also shows photos you saved in your google account across all your devices by backing up the photos and videos as and when you take them! 

So never worry about your photos anymore, they are safe and backed up and you can search and access them from anywhere by signing into your Google account.
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