Transform Your Music Experience With These Apps!


As we all know, the main purpose of a phone is to make and take calls. But with today’s technology phones are a piece of equipment which can do lot more things than calling and listening to music is one of the most awesome and time killing things one can do with a phone.

But, the default app that comes with some phones for listening to music is very poor either in terms of the user interface or the features it offers to its users. So, here is a list of some of the best music apps available that provide quality listening experience and beautiful user interface with a wide variety of features the users deserve.

I placed it in the 1st place just because this is my favorite app for listening to music and also it is fairly easy to create a playlist of your favorite apps using Black Player. The best thing about this app is that it occupies very less amount of your storage and is comparatively faster than other music player apps out there in the market. And hey it also has an ad-free counterpart known as Black Player Ex which is by the way very cheap for the features it offers.

This music app comes with a 5 Band equalizer allowing you to control the effects of whatever genre of song you may listen to. It also has bass boost option which could enhance your listening experience to a large extent when you use a pair of good headphones. And even if you are a loudspeaker kind of person, Black player has the loudness enhancer in store for you which literally increases your phone’s volume up to 80% more than the normal rate!

The next app on this list is the Phonograph, which is probably one of the best-looking music apps out there with a smooth and clean material design along with a number of beautiful bright and color to choose from and the most exciting factor here is it comes with no ads.

If you are a fan of simple yet highly functional apps then phonograph is the one you should be using. It does not have those flashy controls and equalizers like other apps but it has a very clean user interface allowing you to play the songs you love without messing around. And hey, which is exactly what we expect from a music app, right? The app is currently in the beta stages but you could expect more features in the coming days.

This app deserves to be called as the most unique and innovative app on this list. Because, unlike other apps in the market which plays just the songs you love, Musixmatch goes a step further and shows the lyrics of the songs you are playing while you are shaking your head to your favorite beats.

It also allows you to add lyrics to the songs if they are not available and provides translation for popular songs. You can even enable the accessibility feature to just view the floating lyrics from Musixmatch while you are listening to music in another app like Spotify or Youtube. So, download it right away to listen and watch your songs as they roll.

Shuttle, is yet another feather to the android material design awesomeness and it is really light weighted you won’t even notice it is running in the background. If you have a phone with less RAM or poor processor and if you need a music app with all the features but you do not want it to kill your phone, then there is no better choice shuttle.

Despite its very less size, Shuttle doesn’t comprise on the features or functionality. It provides all those extra features you may need, like the gapless playback, sleep timer and home screen widget support. Also with its light and dark material theme support with the bass boost and the 6 band equalizer it has something interesting in stock for every type of user out there.

N7 Music Player

Right from its name and its user interface to the features, N7 is something new and different when compared to the boring design of the library with the albums and song collections of other apps. It offers a refreshing experience with its intuitive design filled with the blocks of your songs and albums.

It also comes with an extremely powerful 10 band equalizer which allows you to customize almost every single aspect of your song and if you don’t like to mess around with configuration it also has a variety of inbuilt presets for every kind of song. You can also add tags of your favorite artists to the home screen for quick and easy access.

Double twist is the ideal music player for those who love to have reliable synching capabilities to stream your music across all your devices with ease. It also allows you to stream your music to your WiFi or Bluetooth speakers without any hassle. So, you no longer have to drain the battery of your smartphone, hearing those podcasts all the time.

Besides those awesome synchronization features, double twist also has a built in podcast client and supports Airplay and DLNA. You can even download the album arts and biographies of your favorite artists right from the app. How cool is that?

Pulsar is for those users who love gapless music playback with no intrusive ads or performance issues, It is very light weight and has the gorgeous theme based on the material design guidelines.
It comes with chrome cast and last.FM support so you need not worry about streaming your songs either,
Download Pulsar if you want a simple app which is not a threat to your memory or storage still providing a high-quality music experience.

The last but not the least music player in this list is the Pi Music Player because I saved the best for the last.  Pi, not only gives you a seamless audio experience but also serves your other music needs with its built in mp3 cutter and ringtone maker.

With Pi, you can cut specific portions of your favorite songs right from the app and then use it for your alarm or ringtone needs. It also has a powerful equalizer and super beautiful glossy themes which come in both bright and dark colors.
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