Automatically Lock Your Phone When It’s Snatched From Your Hand Using Accelerometer

A majority of the android users always tend to lock their android phones with either a pattern or a passcode to protect their phones from unauthorised access or to prevent unwanted persons from accessing their phones. But sometimes while we are using our phone, our friends or family members may snatch it from our hand playfully and go through our pictures or even our messages this may be uncomfortable to some people and they cannot lock their phone in such instant situations.

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So, what if your phone locks itself automatically when someone snatches it from your hand or immediately after you put your device on a table or when it unknowingly slips from your hand or pocket? Sounds cool right?

Well, I’m going to present you an app that does just that. And the best parts are that the android app is completely free, has no ads and most importantly it does not require root or any permissions that violate your privacy!

How it works:

The app called, PluckLockEx, a free android app from play store makes use of the accelerometer sensor that has been built right into your phone and then detects the movement of your device based on a specific threshold value that you will set.

What happens is that when your phone is suddenly exposed to a motion that is beyond the threshold value that you have set, your phone will be instantly and automatically locked. Therefore when someone snatches the phone from your hand wanted or if you place your phone on a table or it unknowingly slips out of your hand or from your pocket it will be securely locked instantly.

This means that you are no longer exposed to any kind of privacy threat nor you are needed to worry about unwanted people going through your phone because it is always safe and protected even under unavoidable circumstances.

All you have to do is to install this app from the play store and then specify the level of threshold you want and then the rest is taken care of by the app.

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