Give your homescreen an unique look with these wallpaper apps

In the world of Smartphones, there is a small room for uniqueness since most manufacturers design their devices in such a way that it is familiar to the users. So be it the Google Pixel or the Samsung Galaxy Series they all look the same. Even though the LG G6 or the HTC U ULTRA phones are somewhat different, that does not mean they are unique.

The sad thing is that the smartphone users cannot do anything to change this design that has been followed for years. But what they can do is to mess with the software and make sure that their device stands out from the million other devices in the world.

One such way to give a unique look to your device is to use a dashing and a unique wallpaper that most people have not used. So I am going to present you with a list of apps that serves your needs by providing with a unique set of wallpapers thus making your device one of a kind!

There are a ton of wallpapers out there, and some of them even provide an excellent collection of high definition wallpapers. However, how Axis wallpapers are different from them is that the fact that it gives you an extensive range of wallpapers of high quality that are exclusively designed by their team.

Which means you may not find any of the wallpapers present in Axis wallpapers app anywhere else thus promising a truly unique and one of a kind look to your device.

It comes with categories like Material and Landscape and also includes professional photographs. You can view these from the menu, and it also has the option to directly apply the wallpaper you like or simply save it for using later.

Much like its title, Backdrops is truly a unique app that provides its users with original wallpapers that are designed by the backdrops developers and its dedicated community. 

Backdrops also allow you to create and upload your wallpapers in its social column. It has a beautiful material design and notifies you every day with a wallpaper of the day.

With this app, you can get a truly unique and an original wallpaper every day along with its extensive collection of user uploaded wallpapers. I personally like Backdrops for its breathtaking AMOLED wallpapers and the collection of pattern and geometry based wallpapers.

The wallpaper collection of backdrops is updated daily, so you need not worry about getting a unique and a new wallpaper every day.

If you own a device with a 2K resolution like the Google Pixel XL or the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the S7 edge, then you will love this app. Because this app has an extensive collection of wallpapers exclusively made for devices with Quad HD resolution.

The wallpapers provided by this app are best suitable for devices with an AMOLED screen because most of the wallpapers here are designed and added by specifically keeping AMOLED devices in mind.

You can find many beautiful wallpapers here that are both a treat to your eyes and the battery of your phone, given that they are designed for AMOLED screens that use fewer pixels and saving more battery.

If you have a strong liking towards minimalism, and you like to keep the look of your home screen as simple as possible but at the same time to add a little bit of uniqueness to it, then Simply paper is the app you should download.

It has an extensive collection of material design based minimalist wallpapers and is also interacted with Google+ for a strong community support. The wallpapers are available in all kinds of resolutions ranging from full HD and going all the way up to 3K.

With its higher resolution, you can also use the wallpapers from Simply paper also on your tablet or your computer. So with this app, you get an all in one solution for all your devices!

This app is a must have wallpaper app for those who love wallpapers of all kinds like movies, TV series, nature and many such categories.

The best thing about this app is that, unlike many other wallpaper apps that display wallpapers of all resolutions, True HD 4K wallpapers analyses your device and then displays only those wallpapers that are suitable for your device’s resolution.

This means that you get to see only the suitable wallpapers for your phone thus saving the time in going through all the wallpapers given the fact that the app updates its wallpaper collection every hour.

Walify is the app designed for portrait lovers, and it has a fresh collection of picture wallpapers across various categories like nature, landscapes and even minimal.

All the wallpapers present in Walify are scaled down to fit on a portrait screen making it easier for setting up the wallpaper without having to crop your wallpaper to perfection.

Wallz is my personal favorite wallpaper app in this list, and it is the one which I use the most across my devices. The reasons are that it has enormous collection wallpaper that is taken from various sources across several wallpaper websites thus making it a one-stop solution for all your wallpaper needs.

It also has a vast collection of superhero and supervillain wallpapers which you cannot find elsewhere. The community support for Wallz is also impressive, and it is regularly updated with user generated wallpapers and photographs.

You can also find the list of all the built-in wallpapers from all of the top manufacturers like Google, Samsung, iPhone, Motorola and many other devices.
Share this list with your friends and help them to make their devices unique. Also, don’t forget to comment below if you know any awesome wallpaper app that is not mentioned here!
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