5 Rare Android apps to 10x your productivity

rare android apps
Let’s admit it, we all love our smartphones, be it Android or iOS, and we cannot spend a single day without our beloved phones.
But the problem is that most of them do not use their phones to their fullest potential.
Most people use their expensive phones just to be in contact with their friends and take some selfies. Well, guess what?
Your smartphone is smart enough to do several other valuable things besides just taking pictures and surfing the web.
So I will present here a rather valuable collection of 6 rare Android apps for you which could be used to overcome your day-to-day struggles and show you how brilliant your smartphone can be.
The most common thing we all do with our smartphones is to copy something and then paste it elsewhere.
But the problem with this is that we tend to copy too many things too often that we confuse where to use which text.
So what Clipo does is that it detects when you copy any text, be it a link, a phone number, or just a piece of information, and then analyzes its format and then sends you a notification based on the type of text you copied.
From the notification, you can either choose to share it or search for it using your favorite search engine; you can also search for addresses copied and directly locate it from the notification without opening your maps app and then searching for it.
It even allows you to copy and detect QR and Barcodes, and you can also cycle through the notification to view all things you have copied along with the date and time of copying.
You can open the app for extra features and information like seeing all things you have copied, searching for a particular link, text, number, editing, etc.


You can also call, scan, and search for things you copied directly from the app without opening individual apps for the functions mentioned earlier.
There are also additional features like directly sending an e-mail of the text you copied, compress long links, translate text, speak long paragraphs loud, and much more.
But the best thing about Clipo is that it does not require you to pay any subscription fee because it is entirely free of cost and ads!
People often get frustrated when they try to copy something from their Android phone because of the not so helpful copy functionality from Android.
You either end up copying more text than you were supposed to or struggle long enough to copy the specific piece of text you want without messing with text or links surrounding it. 
Sometimes, you want to copy some links or text apps like Instagram or Facebook, but unfortunately, those apps do not allow you to do so.
Don’t worry because, with Copy, you can now copy almost any text on your phone by changing a specific default setting on your phone, and you are ready to go.
Once you install the app, you will be presented with a button that, when clicked, takes you to the assist setting of your phone, where you have to replace the default assist app. From now on, tap to Copy, and then you can start using the app.
rare android apps
From now on, when you come across a piece of text you want to copy, be it anywhere, an app, or a website, just long-press your home button, and then Copy will automatically scan your current screen and separate texts present in the net with individual boxes.


All you have to do now is click on the box around the text you want to copy, be it a link or a caption; you can copy almost anything.
I bet that we all have been in a situation where we unknowingly remove a notification, or we want to view a report we had cleared before because we later realized that it is essential. 
But unfortunately, Android doesn’t work that way, and once you remove a notification, it is gone FOREVER.
No worries, because as always, a developer to our rescue with one of the rare Android apps that can retrieve all of your messages which you cleared or ignored.
rare android apps
It has a list of all notifications that you received from various apps ordered according to their type or the app’s name, so you never have to worry about missing a notification anymore.
This rare Android app is handy for people who spend many emails and pay an unbelievable amount of time online sending messages to people across various social media or simply for people who want to flaunt their skills in an argument online.
What it does is that it implements the reverse engineering process and then looks up your query in a dictionary, and then returns relevant results for you.

rare android apps
You may think that it is just a vocabulary, but instead of searching for the right word, you can enter a description like “Very Happy,” and it will return results to you like, “ecstatic” “glad,” etc.
rare android apps
You can also use it for searching words that sound similar, like, search for “s?n?” and it will return words that sound the same like, son, sin, etc.
Snip back is a voice recording app and one of the rare Android apps on this list, but if you think it is like every other voice recording app out there, you cannot be more wrong.
Because Snipback comes preloaded with intelligence.
SnipBack is different in a way that it not only starts recording when you press the start button, but it records everything correctly when you open the app.
rare android apps
This means that you never miss anything and when you hear something interesting, or you want to listen to what you or someone said recently, you could press the 10, 30, or 45-second buttons present in the app to listen to and save what was recorded 10 seconds before.
rare android apps


So by this way, you don’t have to open the app every time you want to record something; instead, it runs all the time, and you can export and save what you want, thus saving time and constant pressure towards when to start. Recording!
If you found this list of rare Android apps useful, please feel free to share this with your friends, and if you know of any other helpful app, you can comment below, and we will try to write about it!
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