How To Get Notification Sounds Only When You Are Not Looking At Your Phone.

Let’s be honest, most of us use our phones mainly to stream music or videos from Youtube or any other app like Spotify, Google Play Music, Netflix, etc. Sometimes we also would like to travel that extra mile and cast our audio from the phone to our other favorite devices like our Bluetooth speaker, our Smart TV or laptop.

But the most annoying thing about this is that we tend to get a lot of notifications while we are doing tasks like watching videos or listening to music. It may be a notification from Facebook, a text message or even a simple reminder that you have set before.

These notifications not only distract us from doing our current task but also interrupts our video or audio for a few seconds by producing a notification sound. Like who needs a sound for the notification when you are already looking at the phone!

You may set your phone to vibrate or in silent but still, these notifications are gonna arrive and disturb your peace while you are watching that funny cat video from Facebook. Even though you can individually set permissions and priority for this kind of notifications in Android Nougat, ain’t nobody got time for that.

So I am going to present you with a rather simple solution by which you just need to setup once, and you can forever enjoy your videos without the invasion of those annoying notifications from your apps.

How to get notifications only when you are not looking at your phone or when you are not using it:

Step 1:

Install the Dingless app from the Play store. It has got a logo with a green D cut in half.

Step 2:

Open the app from your app drawer. Once the app is opened you can see 3 options namely:

While Screen On
Music Mode
In Rest Mode

While Screen On Mode prevents all of the notification alerts and sounds you receive while you are using your phone. This means no annoying sounds or vibrations until you turn your screen off. Because why receive alert sounds when you are already LOOKING AT THE SCREEN.

The Music mode, as I already mentioned will stop alert sounds and notifications while you are listening to music thus preventing any interruptions and the irritating pause of your favorite song.

The rest mode is my favorite because it stops repetitive notifications from the same app within a particular interval of time. Which means that even if you receive 10 notifications from the same app within a 2-minute interval, it will send an alert sound only once instead of continuously vibrating your phone.

Step 3:

Open the settings menu from the top where you can find several personalized options.

You can choose to eliminate vibrations, set the time interval for Dingless to work and even adjust the volume of your alerts while Dingless is Running.

Once you are finished with the settings, you can now continue to watch your videos and listen to your songs without anything to disturb you. Well of course if your mom calls you there is no app to stop her.

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