Create Your Own Personalized News Channel With This App

Ever thought of having your own personalized news channel or website where only the news you love and want to read is shown? How awesome it would be to only get the content you have interest on to sent you the moment they are posted on the web? How much time you could save by directly getting notifications only for your favorite content among the plethora of content on the internet?

Tickers is one such app which lets you create your own personalized news channel and sends you the notifications only to the channels you subscribe. This means that whenever an article or video of your interest is posted in the Cnet or The Wallstreet Journal, you would immediately get a notification straight to your phone.

This is much better than subscribing to a ton of websites using your e-mail and receiving a huge collection of mail every day. Which would finally make your most important emails get lost in the pile of your subscribed news updates and at the worst will end up making your inbox look like a piece of junk.

Tickers, on the other hand only sends you notification updates to your favorite topics and unlike emails which send a link to their website as an update, you can directly open the website by clicking on the notification sent by tickers. 

Which means that there is no tedious task of opening your mail and then clicking on the link sent and end up opening a bunch of apps to finally land in your browser app to read the news before you get uninterested.

Once you have installed Tickers, all you have to do is to pretty much simple as exploring through the significant collection of websites across all topics and choose which sites to subscribe. 

You can also make a choice to whether or not to allow the app to send you to push notifications. I, personally recommend you to enable them since it is much faster and easier than opening the app and browsing through the lists.

You can also create your own ticker for your website or your video channel if you register yourself with the app. There is also a trending section where you can find the hot topics across the web and a favorite section to view what posts and news you have liked.

My favorite feature of the app is the battery saving AMOLED theme which is actually very nice to look at. I also like how it organizes and categorizes the news based on the website it is from.

The app has also got a high rating of 4.7, and the reviews are mostly positive. Check out the app from the play store and don’t forget to comment below your thoughts on the app!
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