Use Your Power Button To Turn On Flashlight, Open Camera, Record Audio And More

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Android phones these days have shortcuts and gestures for every functionality, right from calling someone from the lock screen and double tapping to put the screen off all these are very useful shortcuts. But the common problem with these shortcuts is that they could be used only when you unlock your phone and look at it. 

But what if there is a  way where you can perform the basic and essential functions like turning on the flashlight and opening the camera or even record something with your microphone? How cool would it be if you never have to unlock your phone for these and instead use your power button to it?

Powy, the brand new app in the play store does exactly all that and best of all it does these without draining the battery juice out of your phone. Powy adds unique functionality to your phone’s power button by recognizing the number of times you have clicked and performing a corresponding action.

For example, you can set it to turn the flashlight on if you press the power button twice or record something if you press it thrice of even say the current time out loud without having to pick up your device out of your pocket everytime you need to know the time.

   Powy - Power button shortcuts- screenshot

You can modify the number of clicks assigned to each function and even choose to enable or disable them. Currently, the functionality is limited to only 4 options namely, recording audio, opening the camera, turning on./off the flashlight and talking the time current time out loud. But the app is expected to add more functions in the upcoming versions.

For now you could use it for cool FBI stuff like recording important conversations or a significant meeting or even when your friend is getting bashed by his/her mom just by double pressing your button without even anyone knowing. Just. Like. That.
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