How To Add A Floating Widget In Any App

   Floating Widget- screenshot

Ever been in a scenario while you are enthusiastically playing a game or watching a video online and you feel the constant urge to check out your time or your remaining battery level? 

That disturbing thing you have to do in full-screen apps to pull down your notification bar to view details which may sometimes disrupt or freeze the navigation bar and put an end to your fun.

Sometimes you are reading an ebook online or in an e-book reader, or you just browse the web or read your emails and find valuable information. What do you want to do when you note that down? 

You either copy it there and then go to your home screen or the list of your apps and then open your note taking app to paste that information and then return to your previous app. Sounds tedious, isn’t it?

Well, that’s why I am here with a simple solution, an app, which lets you add floating onscreen widgets from the apps installed on your phone, making it easier to access common and useful tasks without having to leave your current app.

Wth this app, you can add the clock or a battery indicator widget to your fullscreen apps towards a corner without having to exit the app or even insert a notes widget while you browse or traffic indicator widget up and run while you are commuting and playing games on your phone.

You can also add a widget indicating the amount of RAM used, percentage of your processor involved and the GPU level while you are playing a resource hungry game.

This is how you are going to do it:

Step 1:

Install the floating widget app from play store and open it.

Step 2:

Now you will be presented with a screen where there are 5 sections namely for adding up to 5 widgets, and you will be on the 1st widget section now.

Step 3:

Click on the select widget button on your screen.

Step 4:

Now you will see a Choose widget menu with the list of all widgets installed on your phone. Select the widget which you want to use.
Step 5:

After selecting the widget, you will be returned to the previous screen. Click on the set position & size button in this screen which will take you to a demo screen with an example of how your floating widget will look.

Step 6:

You can now touch and drag it to place it wherever you want on your screen and then resize it to the preferred size.

You can repeat the similar steps to add up to 5  floating widgets on various apps you like. 

I have added the Google news widget here for example which allows me to have a glance at the news at all times.

Feel free to play with the app and make it useful. Be quick enough to download the app from the play store because it is on a limited free sale for 2 days!

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