How To Get Notification Bubbles For All Your Notifications Like Facebook Messenger

Remember the app by Facebook that allows you to send messages to your friends and post stories? No, not Instagram. No, not Whatsapp. It is the Messenger app that Facebook forces on you to download a separate app that consumes hundreds of megabytes just like the Facebook app, yes the Facebook Messenger. 

Though it occupies a lot of your storage and RAM it has one really good thing and surprisingly it was not copied from Snapchat. It is the notification bubbles for your messages also known as chat heads.

These bubbles appear on the left or right corner of your phone and allows you to read and reply to your messages from any app, without having to actually open and enter the messenger app. So it kind of took multitasking to the next level. 

But unlike Facebook Messenger no other android third party app or system app have added this bubble notification feature. 

So as it always happens an enthusiastic android user have developed an app called Bubblefication which apparently, as the name suggests, bubblefies notifications sent by each and every app installed on your phone.

So whenever you get a new notification, Bubblefication will display a notification bubble at the corner of your phone, in the colour and size you like. You can even select which notifications you want to display and which you don’t. 

The app also allows you to view long messages which is normally not visible in the notification panel and you can even reply to and view messages in fullscreen activites like when you are playing a game or watching a movie. And the best part about this app is that it is completely free and has no ads!

Bubblefication also shows the history of your notifications so that you can views those old messages or alerts you dismissed. 

How to setup the app

Step 1:

Install the app from this playstore link.

Step 2:

Open the app and then enable the notification access permission to allow the app to detect and read your notification.

Step 3:

Now select and deselect which apps you want or don’t want to show the notifications.

Step 4:

Finally you can now customise the features of the app according to your preference like the colour, size and position of the bubble. 

You can also choose what action to perform when the bubble is clicked and whether or not to display the bubbles in the lockscreen.

Be Sure to check out the app to improve the multitasking abilities of your phone and comment your suggestions!
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