How To Control Android Remotely Without Internet

Have you ever thought of controlling every single aspect of your Android phone remotely by using an another Android smartphone? 
I am not just talking about turning it on or off remotely or using Android device manager to remotely ring your device or wipe off all your data by performing a remote factory data reset and then locking your phone. 
No, I am talking about controlling your smartphone in every aspect right from turning your WiFi on or off remotely using another Android phone, finding out the exact GPS location of your phone, get the remaining battery percentage and even using your phone to remotely record the surrounding and also to track the outgoing and missed calls that take place on your phone.
Sounds cool, isn’t it? You can achieve all of this by downloading an app called Memote from the Google Play Store. 
Once you have installed the app on your Android smartphone, just open it and sign in using your Google account, you can also proceed as a guest if you prefer not to use your account for signing in.
After the initial step, the app now asks you to setup a password to ensure secured connection and a safe remote access so that no one except you controls your device remotely and misuses it. 
The next step is to enable the default message reading and calls permissions to ensure that you can successfully control your phone by remotely and get the details of the outgoing calls and the missed calls.
The main idea behind the Memote app is to control your Android phone remotely from an another phone by sending commands through text messages. 
So, the important thing to remember is that you also need a separate Android phone along with your personal phone and it should support sending and receiving of text messages. 
You should also remember that while performing certain functions like checking your battery level or wanting to retrieve the list of missed calls on your phone, you may be charged the corresponding amount by your carrier as it involves your phone sending you the data back in the form of a text message. 
However, for performing other controls like turning the WiFi on or off on your phone or enabling voice record remotely, you will not be charged. 
Once you have signed in the app and have setup your password, the next steps are really simple. You should first enable the device administration permission in order to successfully control your phone remotely and you should also enable other permissions like location access, telephone, microphone etc if you desire to use them.

Steps Involved

After enabling these settings, you can now control your remotely. All you have to do is, open the messaging app on your secondary Android smartphone and then create a new text message and enter the phone number of the mobile you want to control remotely in the recipient box. Now enter the following line:
Control Android Remotely
Replace yourpassword by the password you setup initially and then go to the next line of your message.
In this line you have to enter the command for the respective action you would like to remotely perform on your smartphone.
For example, if you wish to turn  om the WiFi on your phone, simply send the following text message to your phone from your secondary phone:
and once you hit the send button, the WiFi on the phone you have installed the Memote app would successfully be turned on.
You can also turn off the WiFi by sending the following commands as text message
Remember that the commands are all case sensitive and it won’t work if you use the wrong case in the text message. 
You can find the commands of the function you want to use by heading over to the Memote app and then selecting the desired option from the home page. 
The command for that particular function will be available there and you can access all the commands for other functions in a similar way. 
You can also change the commands to something you like if you want.
Control Android Remotely
That’s it, just install this app on whatever phone you want and now you can control the Android phone remotely from anywhere you want and the best part is that you do not need access to the internet connection for this. 
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But keep in mind, never, ever misuse this app.
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