How To Stop Android Screen From Turning Off

Android Screen
We all use our phones for different primary purposes. 
Some people use their high-powered smartphone with many rams just to make phone calls and send messages and some for playing games and watching videos.
While there are many different use cases, there is one thing that everyone owns a smartphone does, and that is reading. 

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I mean, everyone reads something using their smartphone, right?
Be it scrolling through your news feed and then finding something to read or even just browsing through a myriad of web pages until you finally find something interesting to read; everyone uses their smartphones for reading.
But the problem is that our smartphone screens are designed in such a way to turn off the display when there is no interaction for a particular amount of time. 
For example, if the screen off time for your smartphone is set at 15 seconds means your display would turn off after 15 seconds of no interaction.
Though this is an impressive feature to save battery by turning off your screen when you are not using your phone for a long time, and you left it somewhere, this could be a real pain when trying to read something using your phone.
Say you found exciting content, like this, and are reading it using your phone. 
And as most smartphones these days come with a minimum of a 5-inch  screen, a lot of information is currently available on your screen for you to read.
And you cannot finish reading all these within 15 seconds, and if you didn’t do so, your screen would now turn off, and it is incredibly annoying to keep on tapping your screen multiple times while you are reading something to keep your display awake.
Of course, you could set your screen to turn off only after 5 minutes or even 30 minutes, but that is not practical since you could forget to turn off your display after using your phone. 
So, if it is set to 15 seconds, it will turn off immediately, thus saving the battery.
But what if you set a long time for your display to turn off for 10 minutes, and you left your phone on your desk. 
Your screen will stay on for the next 10 minutes, thus reducing your battery life considerably.
So, what could you do to both save your battery and avoid the annoyance of tapping your screen now and then to keep it awake?
You could use this trick, which keeps your Android phone’s screen awake only when reading.
This means your screen will never turn off again while you are reading, and you don’t have tap it to keep it awake.
Here is how to do it.
Remember, this only works on Android Phones with Nougat and sometimes in Marshmallow if you have the system tuner feature enabled.
You can enable it by long-pressing the settings icon on your notification panel and then access it from your settings app.

How To Stop Android Screen From Turning Off

Step 1:

Download this app from the play store. 
It is called Caffeinate, and this feature was already available in some of the Custom ROMs for Android by default in the name of Caffeine.

Step 2:

Since this is just a setting, this app will not be available in your app drawer, and you can only enable it from your notification panel.

Step 3:

Just drag the notification panel of your phone and then click on the edit option towards the bottom.
android screen
You will now have the option to add and remove the quick tiles present in your notification panel.

Step 4:

Scroll down the list of all available quick tiles until you find the Caffeinate tile.

Step 5:

Select the Caffeinate quick tile and then drag it to the position where you like in your notification panel.

Step 6:

From now on, you can access the Caffeinate tile from your notification panel and then click it repeatedly till the time you need is set.
android screen

How To Stop Android Screen From Turning Off

In this way, your phone screen will temporarily stay on for the selected time so that you either don’t have to repeatedly tap on your screen or have to worry about losing your battery life.
Please share this with your friends to help them read using their Android phones without any interruptions.
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