Top 5 Android Icon Packs For July 2017

One of the best things about Android is that you can customize almost every aspect of it using the millions of apps available in the Play Store. 

Be it changing your wallpaper, or the entire theme of your phone, you have an app for it.

While it is true that you need to root your phone for taking the customization to the next level, there is a still a lot you can do without having to root your Android phone.

And one of those things is giving a unique look to your home screen by installing icon packs from the Google Play Store. 

Remember that not all Android launchers support custom icon packs and not all custom icon packs support all Android launchers.

So, here a list of 5 best new icon packs for Android which supports the most popular Android launchers like Nova, Action and Go Launchers out there. 

These can help you in giving your beloved device a unique look and stand out from the crowd.

Viral Icon Pack

This is one of my favorite icon packs available in the Play Store and is also the one I have been using for the past few days and I absolutely love it.

   Viral - Free Icon Pack- screenshot

The best thing about the Viral Icon Pack is that it comes with a dynamic calendar installed. This means that your icons could be set to change to new ones every single day.

There are hundreds of icons included in this icon pack and you can also select different alternatives for the same icon, if your launcher supports it, if you do not like the default one.

Also if you have Nova Launcher or any other launcher that supports Android O styled icon shortcuts, then you can also get custom themed shortcuts with the Viral Icon Pack.

The Viral Icon Pack supports over 30 popular app launchers and it also has icons with different styles, shapes, and colours to suit the need of people with different taste and liking.

Pixelation Icon Pack

If you are a fan of stock Android and loves the way the icons and the design of it, then Pixelation might be the right choice for you.


It has hundreds of icons designed specifically to look close to stock Android so that it gives you a feel of owning a Google Pixel device.

All the icons are dark by default in the Pixelation icon Pack, however, there are individual alternatives for many system icons and popular apps you can select from.

Some of the icons of popular apps like Whatsapp and Facebook also have alternate designs if you ever want to give a unique look to your phone.

Pixelation also supports almost all of the popular launchers and it even has individual icons for multiple device manufacturers like Samsung or HTC.

Halo Icon Pack

Halo Icon Pack must be one of the most different icon packs in this list. Unlike other icon packs, it adds a glow effect to all its icons which give a paint like look to your icons.

   Halo - Free Icon Pack- screenshot

The icons from Halo Icon Pack would look great on your device if you want to try a retro look and have set some bright wallpapers.

Similar to other icon packs, Halo also supports all the popular Android Launchers and like Viral Icon Pack, it also comes with a dynamic calendar so that you get a new set of icons and a different look on your device, every day.

Zarf Beta Icon Pack

Zarf Icon Pack is currently in the development phase and has not yet been rolled out to the masses. But there seems to be not much problem with and it works almost perfectly except for some rare force closes.

   Zarf Beta (Unreleased)- screenshot

The icons from Zarf have a sketch look like they have been designed using colour sketches on your phone. They would look great on dark themed wallpapers as most of these icons are bright.

If you want to add a pinch of fun to your phone along with a fresh look, then you should definitely try out the Zarf Icon Pack.

Teron Icon Pack

Teron is the icon pack you should look for if you have got a quirky and a weird taste. Because Teron icons are primarily designed using unusual colours which are not commonly used for icons.

   Teron - Icon Pack- screenshot

You get orange, yellow, gray, pink along with several other uncommon colours. So, if you choose to try out Teron Icon Pack, you can be sure that you are having a one of a kind home screen.

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