5 Best free meditation apps for iOS 2021

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Smartphones these days have millions of apps under every possible category imaginable and the list just seems to keep growing every day. A lot of these apps are extremely useful in helping us to connect with the world, pass our time, and to consume entertainment.

However, smartphone apps don’t just do that as there are a lot of great apps in the meditation and health category that help you to find your inner peace and relax whenever you think all the other apps on your phone or things in your life are causing too much stress.

This post is about 5 best free meditation apps available for iOS which help you to relax through a lot of ways like providing you with deep breathing exercises and routines, guiding you through a calming mediation process and even telling you relaxing bedtime stories to help you improve your physical and mental well being.

5 Best free meditation apps for iOS 2020

Simple Habit

Simple habit is one of the best free meditation apps for iOS that mainly focusses on helping you to relieve your daily stress. The app consists of many meditation programs and exercises that are as short as 5 minutes helping you to quickly overcome stress in your busy daily schedule. It also offers guided meditation programs to listen to and follow specifically when you are on your daily commute.

The On the Go screen, which is the highlight of the app has different types of scenarios such as a big event, some kind of emergency, or when you had a tough day at work or you are just about to sleep. You can select any of these scenarios you want and the number of minutes you want to relax and meditate and the app will automatically suggest you relevant exercises and sounds to help you relieve your stress. The app also has a good selection of meditation experts who can guide you through a relaxing session.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a meditation app for iOS that comes with a community section that allows you to check out what other people who are using the app are currently listening to and also add your friends and family members and even track their progress. This feature helps you to get an idea of what kind of meditation sessions other people listen to calm themselves down and relax.

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The Insight Timer app also a massive collection of over 15,000 guided meditated sessions that are free and you can also select the sessions based on the specific types of problems or stress that you might be undergoing in your life. You can also join the community and discussion groups and interact with meditation teachers and musicians and even follow your favorites to get regular updates.

The Breathing App

The Breathing App is not a full-blown meditation app with tons of free guided meditation courses and professional experts helping you to relax and relieve stress. However, it is still in the list of the best free meditation apps for iOS 2020 is that it does the one main thing that you might expect from a meditation app like this, to help you stay calm and relax.

It guides through the process of resonance, where your heart rate, blood pressure and brain wave function all sync together by helping you to breathe at a rate of 5-7 times per minute instead of the usual 15-18 times. This process helps you to stay relaxed and calm and also to be more alert of yourself and your surroundings. You can use the app to set your inhale and exhale ratio for a minute, select a different background or a guiding voice to help you start the process of resonance and relax.

‎The Breathing App
‎The Breathing App
Developer: Edwin Stern
Price: Free
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  • ‎The Breathing App Screenshot
  • ‎The Breathing App Screenshot
  • ‎The Breathing App Screenshot
  • ‎The Breathing App Screenshot
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  • ‎The Breathing App Screenshot

Breethe, Meditation & Sleep

Breethe helps you to de-stress and make your day and your sleep better by guiding you through a series of meditations, calming and inspirational talks and mindfulness lessons from coach Lynne Goldberg. The app also comes with a huge list of built-in nature sounds, ambient noises, sleep music playlists, and bedtime readings and stories to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Stop, Breathe & Think Meditation apps

The unique part about the Stop, Breathe & Think app, one of the best free meditation apps for iOS 2020 is that it recommends you meditation sessions and guided videos based on your current emotions and mood. Once you input how you are feeling into the app, the app will then suggest a relevant meditation activity or video sessions of different lengths.

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You can also track your emotions every day with the app and check the changes in your emotions and mood before and after the meditation sessions. The app also consists of many yoga and acupressure videos, and you can connect the app to the health app on your iPhone and track your progress there as well.

Best meditation apps

The above-mentioned apps are the top 5 best meditation apps for iOS 2020 and while all these apps are designed and developed to help you reduce stress and lead a peaceful and relaxed life, at the end of the day it all depends on how you utilize them to the fullest.

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Let us know in the comments below about what you think about our list. Feel free to also mention if you think your favorite app is not on this list and it deserves a spot and we would make sure that we will update this list in the future with more deserving apps.

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