How to get Whatsapp dark mode on Android & iOS

Whatsapp dark mode

Whatsapp dark mode is probably one of the most requested features for Whatsapp on both Android and iOS for a long time. Following months of beta testing the dark mode, Whatsapp has finally officially released the dark mode feature to the stable version of both Android and iOS devices.

You can update your Android app to the latest version 2.20.65 from the Google Play Store and the iOS app to version 2.20.30 from the app store to get your hands on the dark mode.

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Whatsapp is still in the process of rolling out the latest stable version to all the devices in the world, so don’t worry if you still haven’t received the latest update to your device, you can visit the Whatsapp official download link on their website here to download and manually install the latest version on your Android device.

How to get Whatsapp dark mode on Android & iOS


To enable the Whatsapp dark mode on your Android device, first, make sure that you are on version 2.20.65 or above by going to the ‘help’ section in the app settings.

Now just go to the Settings->Chats->Theme section and select the ‘dark’ option from there.

If you have the system-wide dark mode option on your device, you can also select the ‘System default’ option to enable Whatsapp dark mode by default.

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Whatsapp dark mode on iOS will only work if you are running iOS 13 or above on your iPhone. It is also connected with the system-wide dark mode on iOS, so you have to enable the dark mode on your iPhone by going into the settings app and display settings or from your control center for the Whatsapp dark mode to work on your device.

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Whatsapp Dark mode looks and features

The dark mode has a pitch-black look on the iOS version and kind of a dark gray look on the Android app. In both Android and iOS, all the parts of the app are based on the dark theme including the chat screens, settings page, pop up menus, emoji and GIF palette, and the status page.

The dark mode however kind of looks like an inverted version of a colored page in the chats screen with the green chat messages looking a little out of place. Hopefully, in the future versions, this would be modified to match with the overall dark theme of the app.

Dark mode effect in the chat screen

If you are using a custom background or a light-colored image or a photo as the wallpaper on your chat screen, you might not get the full dark mode effect on your Whatsapp app.

You can either download a pitch black wallpaper or capture a black image with your camera lens covered and set that image as a wallpaper to get a true dark theme feel even on the chat screen.

chat page

To change your chat screen wallpaper or to set a new one, just head over to the Whatsapp settings page on both Android and iOS and then select the chat settings and wallpaper settings to select the image you want from the photo library.

You can also reset the wallpaper to set the default background image as your chat wallpaper which also matches well with the new dark mode.

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