5 Android 11 features Google copied from iOS 13

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Android 11, also known as Android R, is the upcoming version of Google’s Android OS and Google officially released the first developer preview of Android 11 a couple of weeks back.

While the developer preview does not have any major visual changes, it does come with a ton of minor updates and improvements over the previous version of Android, Android 10.

Google has introduced some of the long-requested and expected features in the first developer preview of Android 11, like the improved app permission requests, chat bubbles for messenger conversations, and better notification handling.

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However, it seems like some of the new features and changes in Android 11 were yet again inspired by or copied from Apple’s latest iOS 13, just like Google had done so in the past with the gesture-based navigation system and WiFi password sharing.

So, in this post, we are going to discuss the top 5 Android 11 features, that were either copied from iOS 13 or someone at Google got inspired and decided to include them in the latest version of Android.

Either way here is a list of the 5 features in Android 11 that were already introduced in Apple’s iOS 13 from last year.

5 Android 11 features Google copied from iOS 13

Native Screen Recorder

The ability to record your screen without the help of any third-party apps is a feature that’s been present in Apple’s iOS since the iOS 11 version released back in 2017. While there are a ton of third-party apps available in Android that enables you to record your screen, Google has now natively added this feature to Android 11 for the first time.

screen recorder

You can already record your screen in your Android phone using any of the third-party apps out there, but having a native ad-free solution built into your device which would probably be more stable than any third-party apps seems like a better solution and hopefully, the native screen recorder feature will make its way to the final stable version of Android 11 which will release in a couple of months around May.

Improved app permissions 

With Android 10 Google introduced the permission manager which allowed you to grant permissions to apps on your device to use things like your device’s camera, or microphone only while you were using the app. This is definitely a better alternative to the previous option where you would just grant permission to the app and it can access the camera or anything on your device even when you are not using the app.

In Android 11, Google has introduced one more option to improve the control the apps on your device have over the resources on your device. With the new option, you can choose to allow the app permission to use whatever resource it is requesting, only once. This might significantly improve your privacy, as this will restrict the app from accessing your device’s resources even when it is running in the background.

app permissions Android 11

However, both this permission option to allow apps only once to access your resources or the one found in Android 10, which allows apps to access resources only when you are using them could already be found in iOS 13 and earlier versions. Even though Google might be late to add this to their OS, at least they finally did it and that’s what is important here.

Dark mode scheduling

The dark mode is one of the most awaited and requested features by both iOS and Android users and they finally made their way into Android 10 and iOS 13 last year. However, Apple also introduced the ability to schedule the dark mode in iOS 13 which allowed your device to automatically enable and disable dark mode based on the time of the day, or according to your custom schedule.

dark mode scheduling

While this feature was introduced to some of the custom versions of Android like Samsung’s One UI, it is only with Android 11 Google has officially added the native feature to schedule dark mode on your Android device depending on sunrise or sunset or to whatever time of your choice.

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The music player in Quick settings

For years, Android has included the music playback controls in the notification panel along with all the other notifications. While this was not necessarily a bad thing, it was still obtrusive to have it constantly up there in your notification panel along with all your notifications, taking up unnecessary space.

quick settings music player

Well, Google has finally decided to follow the footsteps of Apple as it has been spotted in the first developer preview of Android 11 that the music playback controls have been moved to the quick settings, similar to how Apple has been handling music playback controls for years, by placing it in the control center, along with other quick settings.

Scrolling screenshot

Scrolling screenshot is also one of the most requested features in Android by Android users and while technically Apple did not introduce this first as it has been present in the custom Android versions of Samsung, OnePlus, and MIUI for quite some time now, Android 11 would be the first official and stock version of Android to include the native feature to capture scrolling screenshot.

The scrolling screenshot feature essentially allows you to capture more than one page of your screen at a time, thus eliminating the need to capture several screenshots if you want to capture a longer content on your screen.

android 11 scrolling screenshot

This feature was introduced by Apple in iOS 13 last year and it has now made its way into the first developer preview of Android 11 and will hopefully be included in the stable release as well, as Google has a history of introducing new features in beta versions and then dropping them when it releases the final stable version.

Android 11 features copied or inspired?

Let us know in the comments below about your thoughts on Google copying some of the iOS 13 features for Android 11 and what kind of features would you like to see in the official final release of Android 11 this May.

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