How to transfer Spotify music library to Apple Music on iPhone

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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world with millions of songs and curated playlists. However, there are other music streaming services out there that might offer something that you are looking for and is not available on Spotify, especially if you are an iPhone and an Apple Homepod user and are looking to stream your music to your Homepod, which only supports Apple Music.
You also get benefits like song lyrics and native app support across all Apple devices. Apple Music also supports deep Siri integration and you can use it to play any song on your music library. So, if you are looking to switch to Apple Music from Spotify, and wondering how to transfer your songs, there is an easy way.
Here is how to transfer your Spotify music library including your songs, albums, and playlists, to Apple Music on your iPhone.

How to transfer your Spotify music library to Apple Music on your iPhone

Before you proceed to transfer your music library from your to Apple Music, you need to have an app called Songshift installed on your iPhone. Songshift is a free iOS app that helps you to transfer your music between different music streaming services. In this case, we will be using it to transfer your songs from Spotify to Apple Music.
You can also buy the premium version of the app for $4.99 which comes with added benefits. These include the batch transfer of songs and automatic transfer of updated playlists. Follow the below steps to transfer your music library from Spotify to Apple Music.
Step 1: Download and Install Songshift
First, download and install the Songshift app on your iPhone. Once its installed, open the app and then select the ‘Connect your music’ option on the home screen of the app.
Step 2: Connect Apple Music
The app will now display the list of the available music services supported by the Songshift app. First, click on the Connect button next to Apple Music to proceed.
If you have an Apple Music subscription, click on the ‘Authorize‘ button on the next screen to proceed.
If not, you need to buy the subscription before you can transfer your songs to the Apple Music library.
connect Spotify and Apple Music
The next step is to provide the Songshift app permission to access your Apple Music library. This is for creating and modifying playlists to store the transferred songs.
Step 3: Connect Spotify
Your Apple Music account is now connected to the Songshift app.
Now go to the previous page in the Songshift app and then click on the Connect icon near Spotify. Log in to your Spotify account to use it as the source music streaming service.
Step 4: Select what to transfer from Spotify to Apple Music
The next step is to go back to the home screen of the app and then click on the Songshift icon at the bottom.
In the setup page, click on the ‘Setup source’ button. On the next page, select the Spotify icon as the source music service. You can also select the media type you want to transfer including playlists or songs from here.
setup transfer
In the next step, select the songs or albums you want to transfer from Spotify to Apple Music.
Step 5: Transferring Spotify music library to Apple Music
After you have selected the songs or playlists you want to transfer from your Spotify music library to your Apple Music library, in the next step click on the ‘Setup destination’ button and select the Apple Music icon.
You can select from three options to either create a new playlist and transfer your songs, transfer it to an existing playlist or your user library. Select your preferred option to proceed to the next step.
On the next page, click on the ‘I’m finished’ button to proceed. You can also use the ‘Save to favorites’ option to save this configuration if you would want to frequently transfer new songs from this playlist from Spotify to Apple Music.
transfer Spotify
Step 6: Matching the music library
Once you click on the I’m finished button, the Songshift app will now start to match all the songs in your selected playlist or album in Spotify’s music library to the ones in the Apple Music’s music library. This process might take between a few minutes to several minutes or even hours depending on the size of your album or playlist.
So, wait till the matching process is complete and make sure that the Songshift app does not get killed in the background which might delay the matching process.
Step 7: Reviewing the transfer
After the matching is complete, you can review it by selecting the playlist you selected. The Match review page will show successful and failed matches. You can try re-matching to find if the song you want is there on the Apple Music library.
confirm matches
Certain artists might not host their songs on all music streaming services. In such cases, you might not be able to transfer those songs that are not available on Apple Music.
Step 8: Transferring the selected albums or playlists to Apple Music
Once you have reviewed the matches, click on the ‘Confirm matches’ button at the top to proceed. The Songshift app will now transfer the songs from your Spotify music library to Apple Music. Again, depending on the size of your music library this might take a while, so wait until the process is complete.
transfer Spotify
You will receive a notification from the Songshift app once the transfer is complete. You can now access your transferred music from Spotify on the Apple Music app on your iPhone. The transferred items will be in your music library.
Transferring your Spotify music library to Apple Music on your iPhone
You will be able to transfer your music library from Spotify to Apple Music by following this post. If you have any issues while using the Songshift app, try force closing the app or reinstalling it. If you add any new songs to your Spotify playlist, you can follow the same steps to transfer them to Apple Music.
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