How to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone

recover messages
If you have ever accidentally deleted a bunch of text messages on your iPhone or have lost them during a factory reset and are wondering whether there is any way you can recover those deleted text messages, then you would be happy to know that you can indeed get back the messages you deleted from your iPhone.
Even after you delete a message, it is still present on your phone’s storage as unallocated space. This will become allocated when you get new messages or delete more messages. So, as long as your inbox has plenty of storage, there is a high chance to recover your deleted messages.

How to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone

There are many ways using which you can recover deleted messages on your iPhone. It depends on your method of backup and when you have deleted the messages. This post will cover all possible methods to recover deleted messages on your iPhone.

Method 1: From an iCloud backup

If you have enabled iCloud backup on your iPhone, then you can recover the deleted messages from your iCloud account. Follow the below steps to recover the deleted messages on your iPhone.
Step 1:
Open the Settings app on your iPhone and then tap on your name to access the iCloud settings. 
Step 2:
Scroll down to find the iCloud backup setting and make sure to enable it. You can also check the last time your device was backed up on this page.
Step 3:
Now go back to the main Settings page and then select General and select the Reset option from the next page.
Make sure to make a backup of recent photos or files before you proceed with the reset.
Step  4:
Choose the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ from this page and then select the ‘Erase Now’ option from the pop-up.
recover messages
Step 5:
After the restart, select the option to restore from iCloud backup during the initial setup process.
Step 6:
All your deleted text messages will now be restored once the setup process is complete.

Method 2: From an iTunes backup

If you have used iTunes to back up your iPhone, you can try this method to recover your messages. This method will only work if you have used iTunes to take a backup of your iPhone.
Note that this method will only work if you have already used iTunes on your PC to backup your iPhone. If you have never used iTunes before then try the other methods in this list.
Step 1:
Connect your iPhone using a USB cable to the PC using which you perform iTunes backup of your iPhone.
Step 2:
Open iTunes on your PC and then select the ‘Restore backup’ option from the summaries page.
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Step 3:
iTunes will now restore all the messages deleted before your most recent backup. You will need to select the ‘iTunes restore’ option from the initial setup screen before proceeding.

Method 3: Using third-party apps

If you have not used iCloud or iTunes to backup your data, you can use third-party recovery apps to recover the deleted text messages on your iPhone.
This solution is only recommended if none of the above options worked for you. This is because these third-party apps cost a lot and there is no guarantee for you to recover your messages.
iMobie PhoneRescueThis is a popular software for recovering deleted text messages from your iPhone. It also has options to recover messages from your iCloud backup or even local device backups.
Wondrshare Dr.FoneThis is also a popular and high rated tool for recovering the deleted text messages from your iPhone.
Enigma Recovery: This is an iPhone data recovery software and you can use this tool to recover deleted text messages and iMessages. You can also use this software to recover deleted Whatsapp messages.
Even after deleting the text messages, they still remain on your phone’s storage. You can recover them using these apps before they are overwritten by new messages.
You need to have access to a PC and a USB cable to use any of these data recovery tools. While they are very popular, they are also pretty pricey and there is no guarantee that you can recover your deleted messages. So, keep this as a last option in case there is nothing else you can do.

Method 4: Contact your phone provider

If you were unable to recover the deleted text messages on your iPhone by using the above methods, you could try contacting your phone provider. Only follow this method if you really want to recover the messages and no other solution is working for you.
Some phone providers might have a record of all your text messages and you can get access to them by contacting the customer service or by logging in to your phone provider’s portal using your account. You might not be able to get your messages back but if no other option is working for you, at least you can try your luck with this one.

How to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone

It is always a good practice to take regular backups of your messages and other data on your iPhone. You can use iCloud or iTunes or any option of your choice. As long as you have your messages backed up you can follow the steps in this post to recover your deleted messages.
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