10 Google Photos tricks for Android and iOS in 2020

Google Photos for Android is one of those most downloaded Google apps which comes pre-installed in almost all of the Android smartphones.

Even though the app has billions of active users and a ton of photos get uploaded to the app on a daily basis, a lot of Google Photos users do not make the most use of the app.

This might be because most people consider Google Photos as just another Android gallery app.

So, they fail to notice the myriad of features it offers and ends up using it as an app to only view and backup their photos.

Here are 10 Google Photos tricks to make the most use of Android’s best gallery app.

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10 Google Photos tricks for Android and iOS in 2020

Get unlimited free storage to upload photos in original quality

While Google Photos offers free unlimited storage, your photos would not be backed up in original quality and would be compressed.

If you don’t want to compromise the image quality, you can also backup photos in the original quality.

But you only have 15 GB of free storage, after which you have to opt-in on a paid monthly Google Photos storage plan based on your needs.

So, if you want to use the original quality backup option and also don’t want to pay for a subscription, here is what you can do.

First, create a new Gmail account or add an existing one to the Google Photos app.

Now you can use it to backup your photos once the storage limit of 15 GB runs out on your primary account.

As there is no limit for creating Gmail accounts, you can technically get unlimited free storage to backup your photos to Google Photos in their original quality by using this trick.

To add an existing or a new account to the Google Photos app just follow the below steps. 

create account

Tap your account picture on the top right

Click on the downward-facing arrow next to your username.

Now select the Add another account option to proceed.

Add or remove folders for backup

Google Photos app Android does not back up all the folders in your device by default.

So, if you want all of your photos and videos to be backed up to your Google Photos account, then you should manually enable Google Photos to back up the photos and videos from these folders.

Just follow the below steps to add or remove folders to backup in Google Photos.

Open the Google Photos app and click on the Device folders option from the left menu.

From here, open the folders you want to be backed up to your Google Photos and enable the Backup & Sync option at the top right corner.

If you don’t want a particular folder to be backed up just leave it as is, or disable it if its already enabled.

By using this trick, you can save a lot of storage space and could also avoid backing up unnecessary photos and videos thus saving your internet bandwidth.

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Automatically add photos of people or pets to new albums

Using the Auto Albums feature in Google Photos, you can set the app to automatically add all the photos of a person or your pet to a new album.

Follow the below steps to use the Auto album feature.

First, mark the photos of people in your Google photos with names.

You can do this by clicking on the People & Pets tab under the Albums section and mark the photos of people with appropriate names.

Google will automatically identify and group similar faces together for you.

Once you have added the names to the people and pets photos in your Google Photos account, now you can create a new Auto album.

To do this, go to the Albums section in the app and then select the ‘New Album’ option.

Now select the ‘Select people and pets’ option.

and proceed by selecting the names of the photos of people and pets you want to be added to your new Album.

auto album

Just name your album and a few seconds later your new Auto Album will be created with all the photos of people you have selected.

The album will be updated automatically every time when a photo of the people in the album gets added to your account.

You can also share the album to anyone you want and they would also be able to view the Album as and when it is updated.

Automatically share photos of people with them

If you have a lot of photos of your friends or family in your Google Photos and are wondering how to share this with them, then this trick is for you.

Using this trick you can set the app to automatically share all the photos of your friends or family by just sharing a link with them.

Just follow the below steps.

Open the albums section and click on People and Pets from the Google Photos app.

From here, select the person whose photos you want to share.

Now just click on the Share as album option, name the album and share the link with the person.

The person will now be able to view all of their photos that are stored in your Google Photos account.

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The album will also be automatically updated every time new photos of that person are added.

Automatically fix brightness on your photos

Google Photos automatically gives you the option to fix brightness on the photos that are too dark or have low exposure.

A button labeled ‘Fix Brightness’ would be displayed at the bottom of the photos which Google’s machine learning algorithm thinks is not bright enough.

Once you tap on the button, an automatic fix would be applied to increase the brightness of the image.

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Hide screenshots from your albums

If you are like me and find your albums with beautiful pictures cluttered with screenshots, then you might want to use this trick.

Just click on the Manage your library option from the left menu.

From here, the app will have automatically collected all your screenshots.

You just have to archive them and they will now be hidden from your photo albums.

If you want to access them, just go to the archives folder from the menu.

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Create collage, video or GIF from your photos

You can also use Google Photos for making videos, collages, or GIFs from the photos in your account by following the below trick.

First, select the photos you want to add to your collage or your video and then click on the add icon at the top to select the appropriate option.

While you can add as many photos as you want for creating a video or the GIF, the collage has a limit of 9 photos.

create videos

You can also customize your video by choosing background music, transition effects, and the order and time limit for each image to be displayed.

You can also create GIFs from your similar looking images by using the same method.

Save storage space on your phone

The ‘Free up space’ option in the left menu of Google Photos will allow you to delete all the photos and videos in the internal storage of your device that have already been backed up.

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Just select the option from the menu and you can delete all the photos and videos that are backed to Google Photos from your device’s storage and save tons of space.

Use Google Lens to identify objects in your images and copying text

You can just click the Google Lens icon at the bottom of an image or a screenshot and Google’s AI will scan the image and detect any text.

Now you can either copy the text or directly do a Google search by selecting the options in Google Lens.

You can also identify objects or products from your images and even some locations and landmarks using this feature.

Google Photos

Restore deleted photos

Google Photos has a bin option and whenever you delete a photo or a video, it will be stored in the bin folder for 60 days before it gets permanently deleted.

You can restore the images within this time if you change your mind or if you have accidentally deleted something.

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It is also good to empty your Bin with unnecessary images occasionally as it also counts towards your storage.

Google Photos

You can view the deleted images by going to the bin folder from the left menu in the Google Photos app and then select the images you want to restore.

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10 Google Photos tricks for Android and iOS in 2020

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