Top 8 features iOS 14 and Android 11 borrowed from each other

android 11

Android 11 beta was released this June by Google officially to the public and it comes with a ton of new features.

This release is primarily focused on aspects like messaging, privacy, and giving the users more control over their Android phones.

Apple’s iOS 14 was also released in the same month at the first virtual WWDC 2020.

This version of iOSΒ  14 also focuses on privacy and adding some additional features and polishing the previous version of iOS 13.

So, in this post, we will talk about the top 5 features that are introduced to both Android 11 beta and iOS 14 beta versions, how they stack up against each other and compare them in detail.

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Some of these features were borrowed by Android from iOS and some of them were borrowed from Android by iOS.

Either way, both the operating systems have reached a mature state and it is good to know that they learn from each other and provide their users with better experiences on their devices.

Android 11 Features borrowed from iOS

Access to Google Pay and Smart home controls by pressing the power button

Similar to iOS 14, now you can access the Google payment options on Android 11 by simply long pressing the power button. This gesture will also allow you to quickly access your smart home controls and change any settings directly from this page. This page also displays any additional passes that you might have added to your account.

Enhanced media controls in Quick settings in Android 11 (Similar to iOS 14)

One more feature Android 11 has borrowed from iOS 14 is the addition of media control options to the quick settings. iOS has been placing media controls in the control center for quite a while now and with Android 11 you might be able to access media controls from the quick settings as well.

These new enhanced media controls have options to view the album art, change songs, scrub them and even choose which device should the song be played into. While right now this option is hidden in the developer settings, hopefully by the time the stable version of Android 11 is released, this should be made available to all users.

android 11 music controls

Improved voice controls

The voice control accessibility feature in iOS allows you to control your entire device using just your voice. This includes the ability to open, close, or switch between apps or any screen, select anything on the device with your voice and basically navigate your device.

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This option has now been added to Android as well with the update of Android 11 with more contextual improvements, however, it still lacks in some areas and is not quite ready to be used by some with accessibility issues as a replacement to physically touching and using their device.

Native screen recorder in Android 11

The option to record your screen without having to install any third-party apps has been available in iOS for a long time and while you can already do it Android devices as well, you need to use a third-party app for that.

With Android 11, Google finally adds the ability to natively record your screen without needing to install any shady third-party app on your phone. While this feature was already spotted on the early builds of Android 10, it did not make its way to the final release. Hopefully, it won’t be the case this time around.

android 11 screen recorder

One time permissions

Apple added the option to provide apps with permissions to essential things like location or camera just for a one time use instead of forever with the iOS 13 update. This way if you just need to use an app once or only occasionally then the app won’t have access to your data when it is not in use.

Google got inspired and decided to add this feature to Android as well and from the Android 11 update, you would be able to provide Android apps permissions to access your data just once instead of forever. This is one of the features that I am glad that Google decided to borrow from Apple’s iOS.

android 11 permissions

Screenshot page updates

The new Screenshot page UI in Android 11 closely resembles the one in Apple’s iOS. Instead of displaying a notification in the notification panel whenever you take a screenshot, Android 11 will display it as a small pop up with the screenshot in the bottom left corner. You can then tap on the pop up to edit or share the screenshot directly from this page.

android 11 screenshot

Fast sharing in Android 11 (Similar to Airdrop in iOS)

Similar to Airdrop in iOS, Google might introduce something called Fast sharing or nearby sharing with the Android 11 update. Just like how Airdrop works on iOS devices, this new feature will also detect the nearby devices when you are attempting to share something and will be able to share it quickly to devices within close proximity.

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Dark mode scheduling

While Dark mode was introduced in Android 9 by some OEMs and by Google in-stock version of Android 10, the option to schedule dark mode to be enabled or disabled automatically at sunset or sunrise or at specific times is being introduced in Android 11. OEMs like Samsung or OnePlus already have this feature in their devices, but Android 11 will be the stock version of Android that gets this feature, which is already available in iOS 13.

android 11 dark mode

iOS 14 Features borrowed from Android

Home screen widgets

One of the major talking points of Apple’s iOS 14 was the ability to add widgets of different sizes to your home screen. While this is a totally new feature for iOS, Android users have been using widgets on their home screens, both system and third-party widgets since probably the early days on Android.

iOS 14 widgets

Compact call UI

This is one of the obvious features that Apple should have added long back to iOS, and even they admitted the current call UI in iOS devices which takes up the entire screen and doesn’t allow you to leave the screen as well, is unconventional in the keynote.

]With iOS 14, Apple finally introduces a compact UI for incoming calls which will just be displayed as a notification in the top, like how Android has been doing for so many years, instead of covering your entire display. Better late than never, I guess?

iOS 14 incoming call

App library

App library is another feature introduced in iOS 14 that is a similar feature to App drawers in Android that have been existing since the first version of Android. It is basically a screen that displays a list of all the installed apps on your phone.

The only difference between app drawers in Android and the app library in iOS 14 is that it automatically organizes your apps based on their categories, frequency of use, and installation date.

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iOS 14 App library

Translate app in iOS 14

Google translate has been an industry standard for translation apps for many years and there are millions of iOS users who already use Google translate for their translation needs. However, Apple did not hesitate to introduce a new translate app in iOS 14, possibly aiming to compete with the Google Translate app.

While the Translate app in iOS 14 does come with some cool features like the conversation mode, and offline translations, it is nowhere near as feature-rich as the Google Translate app, and frankly it doesn’t stand a chance against it. Maybe in the future, Apple might make some changes to the Translate app as it did with the Maps app to make it a worthy competitor for Google.

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iOS 14 translate app

Picture in picture mode

Picture in picture mode while only recently introduced for Android, has been one of the most useful features. It allows you to use any application on your phone while you are a video call or watching a video by just changing the app into a floating window which could be placed anywhere on your screen.

While the iPadOS already supports picture in picture mode for some apps, with iOS 14 you can use the picture in picture mode on your iPhones as well while you are on a video call with someone or streaming an online video.

picture in picture

App clips in iOS 14 (Similar to Instant apps in Android)

You might remember Android’s instant apps feature from a couple of years ago, where you can just use a specific part of an app without having to install the entire app. Kind of like a one-time usage thing.

With App clips, Apple is also trying to replicate this feature in iOS 14 where you have to scan a QR code or an NFC tag in real life to use a specific part or page of an app instead of downloading the entire app just for a single-use.

iOS 14 app clips

Website translation in Safari

As we all know Google has been providing built-in translation features in the Google Chrome browser on all operating systems for years now. Apple is pretty late to the party by adding website translation feature to Safari in iOS 14.

However, considering millions of Apple users use Safari as their default browser of choice, someone might get benefitted from this new feature in iOS 14.

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safari translate

Compact UI for Siri

Siri in iOS 14 will also have a compact UI, where it will just be displayed as a small overlay in the bottom, just like Google Assistant has been doing since launch, instead of covering up your entire screen.

The results provided by Siri will also be displayed as a dismissable notification instead of being displayed in a separate page. While this must have been implemented long back, Apple should be appreciated for finally catching up and realizing that the full page UI for both incoming calls and Siri results does not make any sense.

iOS 14 siri UI

Top 8 features iOS 14 and Android 11 borrowed from each other

What do you think about these features that Android and iOS borrowed from each other? Do you think one was implemented better than the other or are there any features that we have not mentioned in this list?

Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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