How to enable split-screen browsing on iPhone


With iOS 14, the only two ways you can remotely do multitasking where you can use multiple apps at the same time is if you are on a video call with someone or if you are watching a YouTube video on your iPhone.

However, things are about to change after you have finished reading this post as I am going to tell you how you can enable split-screen browsing on your iPhone and do multitasking with multiple browser tabs open on your iPhone side by side at the same time.

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Don’t worry you don’t have to be in the latest version of iOS 14 for this method to work as it is supported on your iPhone irrespective of the version of iOS you are currently running. So, here is how you can enable split-screen browsing on your iPhone.

How to enable split-screen browsing on iPhone

Step 1:

First, download and install the Split – Dual Browser tabs app on your iPhone.

‎Split - Dual Browser Tabs
‎Split - Dual Browser Tabs
Developer: Kyle Halevi
Price: $0.99
  • ‎Split - Dual Browser Tabs Screenshot
  • ‎Split - Dual Browser Tabs Screenshot

Step 2:

Once the Split app is installed on your iPhone, open it from the home screen of your device to launch the app.

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Step 3:

The app will immediately launch the browser in the landscape view with options to add a new browser tab in the split-screen, search for something in Google to open it in a new tab, and also an option to refresh the current page.


Step 4: Enable split-screen browsing

To open a new browser tab in the split-screen on your iPhone, just tap on the plus icon in the top left corner of the app and it will open a new tab to the side of the existing tab.

From here, you can search for anything on Google and visit any website and it will be opened alongside whatever you have already opened on the previous tab.

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You can now run multiple websites in split-screen on your iPhone side by side, and can also interact with them simultaneously, like scrolling through content, copying and pasting text or links, and so on.


Note: Split-screen browsing for apps

You might not be able to access certain websites from the Split app if you have the corresponding app of the website installed on your iPhone.

This is because the app will then be automatically redirected to open the app on your device instead of opening the website.

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Other than this you can pretty much run any website in a split-screen on your iPhone and finally achieve true multitasking for browsing on your iOS device.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below and whether or not you find this solution useful for your use case scenario.

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