How to enable handwashing detection in Apple Watch

handwashing apple watch

Apple released WatchOS 7 alongside the iOS 14 update recently. It is probably one of the most feature-rich updates to the Apple Watch yet.

Among other features like faster performance, fitness updates, and sleep tracking, the most exciting and incredibly useful in the current trend is the handwashing detection feature.

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What the handwashing recognition feature does is, when enabled, it will automatically start a 20-second timer whenever it detects a handwashing motion.

The Apple Watch uses the built-in microphone and the accelerometer sensor to detect the water’s sound and the motion of your hands to enable the handwashing timer for 20 seconds.

The feature could also be set up to remind you to wash your hands whenever you come back home.

So, before you know how to enable and use this handwash detection feature on Apple Watch, you must understand that it only works in the latest WatchOS 7 update.

Make sure your Apple Watch is running the latest update by going to the Watch app on your iPhone, Settings->General-> Software update.

Once you have finished installing the latest WatchOS 7 update on your Apple Watch, here is how to enable the handwash detection feature on it.

How to enable and use handwashing detection in Apple Watch

Step 1:

First, click on the crown on the side on the Apple Watch, scroll to find settings, and tap on it to open the Apple Watch settings.

handwashing apple watch

Step 2:

Now scroll down to find the Handwashing option and tap on it to open the settings.

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handwashing apple watch

Step 3:

From here, enable the Handwashing detection timer and the haptic feedback to enable this feature.

Your Apple Watch will automatically detect every time you are washing your hands and start the 20-second timer.

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handwashing apple watch

It will also provide you with haptic feedback at the end of the timer to notify you that you have washed your hands for a sufficient amount of time gently.

Additionally, you can also use the Health app on your iPhone to check your handwashing data statistics.

These data include details like the number of seconds you washed your hand and what time of the day you did it.

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Handwashing detection in Apple Watch

What do you think about this new handwashing detection feature in WatchOS 7 for the Apple Watch?

Do you think it would encourage people to stay more hygienic, or is it just a gimmick?

Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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