How to create custom app icons in iOS 14

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Custom app icons are a thing now in iOS 14 and probably the best way to customize your iPhone since the launch of the first one.

Up until now the only customization you could do on an iPhone is changing the wallpaper.

Apple added many interesting features to the iOS 14 update. Some of them included home screen widgets, app library, and the ability to change the app icons.

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So, if you want to give your iPhone a unique look in iOS 14 by changing the app icons, here is how you can create your own custom app icons.

Once you have created the custom icons by following the below steps.

The article will also include the instructions on how to change the app icons to custom made ones.

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Here is how you can create custom app icons in iOS 14 for your iPhone.

How to create custom app icons in iOS 14

Step 1:

First, download and install the Icon Themer & Launcher Widget app on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Open the app on your iPhone and click on continue with the limited version.

ios 14


You can choose to purchase the premium version if you want.

Step 3: 

Now on the home page, click on the start button under the edit icons section.

You can select any icons from the bottom panel from the hundreds of icons available.

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Step 4: custom icons and colors

Once you have selected the icon you like, you can then choose a color and a background for the icon as well.

You can now either save the app icon image to your gallery or click on next to proceed.

custom icons


Step 5:

After clicking on next, you can now select the app you want to change the icon to from the list of available apps.

Input the name of the app and then Click on confirm in the top right corner.

custom icons

Step 6:

You will now be redirected to your web browser with the newly created custom app icon.

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Just click on the share icon on your browser and select the ‘add to home screen’ option.

ios 14

Step 7:

The custom icon will now be added to your iPhone’s home screen.

You can access the app by just tapping on the icon and it will directly launch the app on your phone.

custom icons

Creating custom app icons in iOS 14

That’s it! You have now successfully created a custom icon and changed the app icon on your iPhone.

Feel free to let us know in the comments below if you have any questions regarding the above instructions.

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