iPhone 12 won’t have earphones and charger in the box

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 was launched by Apple at the Apple Event along with the new Homepod Mini. All 4 variants of the iPhone 12, including the original, mini, pro, and the pro max, were launched at the event. While the prices, form factors, and the new iPhones’ external design mostly stay the same, there is a major change to how the iPhones will be shipped this year.

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Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 12 will include neither the charging adapter nor the earphones in the box, and this year, the iPhone 12 box will only include the device.

According to Apple, billions of Apple chargers and earphones out there in the world, and since they are trying to reduce the carbon emission and save the environment, they are choosing not to put more chargers and headphones out there in the world. Apple also claims that more and more people are moving towards wireless options for chargers and headphones, which also motivated them to decide.

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iPhone 12

This also means that the iPhone 12 boxes would be significantly much smaller in size, contributing more to the environment’s betterment. Removing the chargers and the headphone cables from the iPhone 12 boxes are equivalent to removing around 450,000 cars from the roads every year, according to the claims made by Apple.

Apple has not included the charging adapter in the recently launched Apple Watch Series 6 as well, for the same reason of reducing the carbon footprint. Apple also encourages other companies and competitors to follow their lead and make the world a better place. Apple also announced that by 2030 their entire company across the world would only use renewable energy.

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Many users and new customers might be disappointed by this news, especially if they buy an iPhone or an Apple device for the first and do not already have access to an Apple charger.

Since Apple has not changed its proprietary lighting charger technology, people won’t be able to use their existing USB Type-C cables with the new iPhone 12 models. Many users even suggested that Apple reduce the device’s price or give some discount on accessories for people buying the new iPhones.

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What do you think about this new change by Apple? Do you think it would help improve the environment, or is it just a move to getting more profits? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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