5 reasons to use a VPN app on your iPhone 12

VPN app iPhone 12

While Apple continuously boasts how their phones offer the best possible security and privacy, no device connected to the internet is totally secure.

Every time you connect to a network and browse the internet, you face the risk of your data being hijacked or stolen and sold for profit.

VPN app iPhone 12

If you want your online activity to be secure and your data to be private, then using a VPN is a great place to start.

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A VPN app helps you secure your online activity, and it also comes with many other benefits.

So, if you keep hearing about these VPN apps and are not really convinced why you should use one on your iPhone, here are 5 reasons you should use a VPN app on your iPhone 12 or older.

5 reasons to use a VPN app on your iPhone 12

Improve security and privacy 

The most common reason to use a VPN app on your iPhone is to ensure that your data and online activity stay secure and private. 

Using a VPN app on your iPhone means that all your data and online activity are encrypted.

This means your activity is made anonymous, and your data will be safe from the hands of hackers and companies trying to steal and make a profit off it.

A VPN app basically hides your phone’s IP address, which is like a physical address for your phone. 

Anyone would be able to track your activity using your IP address.

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VPN app iPhone 12

So anyone who can monitor your browsing activity would not know who is behind it, thus helping you stay safe and maintain anonymity online.

Not all the websites you visit or the apps you use on your iPhone are secure.

They could be vulnerable to a security threat, allowing them to be an entry point for someone to hijack your data or steal your information.

Therefore, by using a VPN app on your iPhone 12, you can secure your online activity and stay anonymous to protect your identity and private data.

Access restricted data online

A lot of people use VPN apps on their iPhones to access restricted websites and apps on a particular network.

Most office or school networks might have restricted access to certain websites like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

Using a VPN app on your iPhone, you can bypass these restrictions and access these sites.

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However, using a VPN app on your iPhone 12, you can change your IP and trick the network into allowing you to access these restricted sites.

A VPN app can also be used to change your location to access content or streaming services like Netflix that is generally not available in your region.

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Block advertisements and online trackers

Using a VPN app on your iPhone 12 makes it harder for websites and online trackers to monitor your online activity.

This is because your IP address will be hidden, and trackers won’t target you with specific ads anymore.

Therefore using a VPN app on your iPhone will significantly reduce the number of targeted advertisements you see while browsing the web.

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Besides this, many popular VPN apps even offer built-in options for blocking advertisements and trackers on your iPhone.

Turning on this option will essentially block all the ads on your iPhone, including the ones on the websites you visit and the apps you use.

Protect your personal information

If you regularly use your iPhone for online shopping and making payments, then using a VPN app would help you protect your private information.

With hackers and cybercriminals continually on the rise, there is always someone out there waiting to steal your data the first chance they get.

A VPN app uses secure encryption techniques to ensure that your data stays private and away from the reach of hackers.

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It also adds an extra layer of security to your online transactions making it more arduous for the bad guys to hijack your data.

Bypassing download limits

Your ISP might throttle your download speeds and restrict you from downloading over a certain amount of data to avoid network congestion and many other reasons.

To avoid this and to enjoy unlimited and unrestricted download speeds, you can use a VPN app on your iPhone 12.

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This will change your IP address, hiding your online activity from your ISP and thus stopping them from throttling your internet connectivity speeds.

Should you use a VPN app on your iPhone 12?

VPN app iPhone 12

So, you would now be familiar with the various benefits that the VPN apps on your iPhone bring to the table.

Besides improving your online data’s security and privacy, they help you access restricted content, protect your personal information, block advertisements, and more.

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But you should also keep in mind that using a VPN doesn’t mean that you are entirely immune to security attacks or privacy breaches.

A VPN app simply increases the level of security and privacy of your online activity. 

So, besides just using a great VPN app on your iPhone, you must also be mindful of your online activity to stay safe and secure online.

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