10 new iPhone message tricks in iOS 14 and iOS 15 update 2021

iPhone message tricks

iMessage is one of the most used forms of communication globally. Even though it is exclusive to iPhone users, it is still equally popular with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger, with billions of users.

iMessage for iPhone is already a great messaging app for the iPhone with a ton of customization options, emojis, Animojis, end-to-end encryption, high-quality file sharing, and more.

However, with the recent iOS 14 update, the iPhone’s Messages app has become even better with many new and useful features and tricks added to the Messages app on the iPhone.

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Here are the top 10 new tricks, features, and changes added to the iOS 14 update to your iPhone 12.

This post will detail what these tricks are and how to use them in the Messages app on your iPhone 12 and older.

10 new iPhone message tricks in iOS 14 update 2020

Inline replies

While this feature has been making rounds in other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, it has now finally made its way to the Messages app on iPhone for iMessage with the iOS 14 update.

You can now long-press on any message in a personal or a group conversation and then select the ‘Reply’ option to directly reply to that specific message instead of getting lost in a conversation.

iPhone message tricks

Once you reply to the message, it will be added to your conversation as a hierarchy structure to know what message you responded to in a group chat or a private message.

Pinned conversations

You also now have the option to pin conversations in the Messages app by long-pressing a chat and then to select the Pin option from the pop-up.

Once a conversation is pinned, it will always stay at the top, and you can easily access it when you open the Messages app on your iPhone.

You can pin both private and group conversations in the Messages app using this method.

iPhone message tricks

Again, this feature was introduced long back in WhatsApp and other popular messaging apps and is not technically new or unique. However, still, I am glad that it is finally available in iMessage.


In group messages, you can now mention a person’s name in the group chat and then send a message to notify that particular person.

For example, if you send a message to Bob in the group, type Bob, and then your message, he will be notified of your message.

Note, this only works if you type the name exactly as it is on your contact name.

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iPhone message tricks

You can also go to the Messages app settings and then enable the ‘Notify Me’ option only to get notified when someone mentions your name explicitly in a group chat.

iPhone message tricks

I think this is one of the most useful iPhone message tricks even though it was already available for a while on other popular messaging apps.

Group photo

To change the name of a group chat or set a new photo for a group, open the group chat, tap on the name, select the info button and then tap on the change name and picture.

You will now be able to select an image from your iPhone’s gallery to change the display photo of a group chat in iMessage.

You also have the option to select from a list of emojis and Animojis to set a new photo for your group chat.

Audio messages

With the iOS 14 update, there have been many improvements to Siri, both in the interface and the way you interact with it.

Siri can now also help you send audio messages to any conversation in your iMessage. Just say ‘Hey Siri send an audio message to X,’ and then Siri will start recording your voice for the audio message and send it to the selected person.

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You also have the option to reply to messages with an audio message, say, ‘Hey Siri, reply with audio,’ and you will be good to go.

There is also an option to directly record the audio message and send it to a chat by tapping on the record button next to the text field.

New emojis, stickers, and Memojis

Over 100 new emojis were added to the iOS 14 update, along with new stickers and Memojis.

The Memojis has been improved a lot with new-age options, colors, face coverings like masks, new hairstyles, headwear, and even new expressions.

You can always send the new Memojis and emojis to any chat by clicking on the emoji icon from within a conversation.

iPhone message tricks

There is also an option to search for a particular emoji with the new iMessage update.

Full-screen effects for iPhone message tricks

Full-screen effects when you send a message to a person or a group are also improved and now are supported in more countries, including India.

Just type a message and then long-press the send button to select one of the available full-screen effects before sending the message.

iPhone message tricks

The receiver will play the effect as soon as they receive the message on their iPhone.

New image picker

iOS 14 primarily focuses on privacy and security, and one feature that was introduced to improve your privacy is the latest image picker.

You can now allow the Messages app to only access select photos from your Gallery. Also, there is an option to search for an image quickly or select from the Albums instead of scrolling through your entire gallery.

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There is also an option to easily select and share multiple images and videos at once, just like you would do in the Photos app on your iPhone.

iPhone message tricks

Just swipe over the images you want to select to select multiple pictures and videos at once.

Messages automation in shortcut

The shortcuts app in iOS 14 has also added a new integration with the Messages app. You can now set up an automation to trigger whenever you send or receive a message in the iMessage app.

You can set up the shortcut to launch an app or add a reminder or any other automation activity of your choice when you send or receive a message on your iPhone.

Better filtering

There is also a new iMessage filtering feature on the iPhone, which is also one of my favorite iPhone message tricks on this list.

You can enable the ‘Filter unknown senders’ option from the Message settings on your iPhone. Your Messages app will now filter and add messages from unknown senders to a separate list.

iPhone message tricks

This feature will keep your Message inbox clean and help you to focus more on essential messages.

iPhone Message tricks

What do you think about these top 10 new iPhone message tricks introduced in iOS 14 for your iPhone?

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Which one of these iPhone message tricks will you use the most, and which one do you think will be the most useful feature for you?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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