How to create a dropshipping website and make money in 60 minutes

dropshipping website

Dropshipping is a great way for anyone to start a side business and make some extra money by investing some of your money and time.

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and many other holidays coming up, it is a perfect time to start a dropshipping website as this is one of the busiest periods of the year for online shopping.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a web development expert or a coding enthusiast to start a dropshipping website.

If you have the right tools and a little bit of time to spare, you can easily create a dropshipping website and start selling your products online in less than 60 minutes.

If you are looking to make some money on the side and productively spend your free time, then starting a dropshipping business is a great way to work towards your goal.

But you have to have the mindset that it is not a quick rich scheme or easy money, and you do have to work a little hard and put some time and money into it before the money starts to flow in.

If you are ready to accept that fact, then here are the step by step instructions, tips, and tools that will help you create a dropshipping website and start making money in less than an hour.

How to create a dropshipping website and make money in 60 minutes

Step 1: Buying domain and hosting

The first thing you need to do before creating a dropshipping website and launching your business is to buy a hosting plan and a domain name for your website.

If you don’t know what these things mean or how to do it, don’t worry. We have got you covered.

Follow the below post for detailed instructions on selecting and buying a hosting plan, a domain name, and how to install WordPress on your website.

How to start an eCommerce website | Buying hosting and domain

WordPress is the most popular Content Management system out there, with thousands of plugins and themes for dropshipping and eCommerce websites.

Combined with WooCommerce, WordPress is the most beginner-friendly and affordable way to start a dropshipping business online.

Step 2: Installing WordPress

Once you have successfully purchased a domain name and hosting for your website, the next step is to install WordPress and WooCommerce on your website.

Based on the hosting provider you have selected, the instructions to install WordPress on your website may vary.

But most of the hosting providers give you a one-click option to install WordPress on your website, you can find out how to use the option on the help and support page of the hosting provider’s website.

Step 3: Installing and setting up WooCommerce

Following the WordPress installation, the next thing you have to do is to install WooCommerce on your dropshipping website.

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce and dropshipping plugin for WordPress that allows you to sell products on your website, accept payments, generate invoices, add product images, descriptions, and more.

To install WooCommerce on your WordPress site, first sign in to the WordPress dashboard of your site by typing in on your web browser’s address bar.

Now enter your user name and password you have created earlier to login to the WordPress dashboard of your site.

After logging in, hover over the plugins option in the left menu and then select the Add new option and you will be taken to the Plugins download page.

From here, just search for WooCommerce and then select Install Now and hit Activate once it is installed.

The WooCommerce plugin is now successfully installed on your site and you can configure the settings to add your payment details, currency information, shipping details, and more.

Step 4: Installing a eCommerce theme

Now that you have installed the WooCommerce plugin, the next step is to add products to your dropshipping website, install a great looking eCommerce theme with a high conversion rate, add product images, pricing, description, reviews, and more.

While these might sound like a lot of things that would take a huge amount of time, it is actually quite simple and you can accomplish all this with the help of one very popular dropshipping plugin for WordPress called the AliDropship Plugin.

The AliDropship Plugin is the core of creating a dropshipping website in less than 60 minutes and it can help you to transform your website into an eCommerce store based dropshipping website with all the essential elements like product pages, shopping cart, checkout page, payment gateways, eCommerce themes and more.

Before you proceed any further, visit the below link to select and install a eCommerce dropshipping theme for your Website from the AliDropship plugin themes page.

All of themes in the page are specifically optimized for an eCommerce store with all the necessary pages and elements designed to get maximum conversions and sales.

Download and Install Ali Dropshipping themes

Step 5: Manual theme installation

Once you have selected your favorite theme from the page, you can then integrate it with the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site by following the on-screen instructions.

You can also manually install the plugin by downloading the theme zip file, and then uploading it by Appearance->Themes->Add new from the WordPress dashboard of your dropshipping website.

Step 6: Why AliDropship Plugin is the best way to start a dropshipping website

Now that you have succesfully installed a theme and set up your dropshipping website, the next step is to select and add products and start selling.

AliExpress is a popular choice for Dropshipping websites as it offers worldwide shipping and a massive collection of products in virtually every category.

Before selecting a product to sell on your dropshipping website, make sure that the product is trending, has a lot of great reviews, orders and is a reasonable price so you can get as much profit as possible.

Since it is Black Friday and Cyber Monday season, you can start off by selecting some tech products or gadgets which would increase the probability of you getting sales by a lot.

To know if a product is currently trending or not, go to and then search for the product keywords to see how many people are searching for it.

Once you have decided what products to sell, the next step is to add the products to your dropshipping website and this is where the AliDropship plugin comes in handy.

The plugin has a ton of features that lets you directly import products either individually or in bulk from the AliExpress website and it doesnt’t stop there.

It will also show you the shipping options a product has, will import product images, descriptions and will even automatically update the product pricing everytime it changes in the AliExpress product page and also based on your preferred profit margin levels.

dropshipping website

There are other great options and features you get with the paid version of the AliDropship plugin like automatic order fulfillment, order tracking, abandoned cart recovery, and more.

You can also add unlimited number of products, individually edit the product images, descriptions, add tags to improve SEO and even import the customer reviews of the product to your website.

If you are not using the AliDropship plugin to build your WordPress website then believe me, you would be spending a lot more time trying to set up and maintain your website instead of actually launching your dropshipping business and starting to make money by selling products online.

To download and use the AliDropship plugin, visit the below link and select a plan of your choice. Don’t worry there are no monthly or yearly recurring payments, just pay once and you can use the AliDropship plugin forever.

Best part is that you can use the code GETPLUGIN25 to get an additional 25% off exclusively for Black friday and Cyber Monday sales when you purchase the AliDropship plugin for your dropshipping website from the below link.

Download and Install AliDropship Plugin with 25% OFF

Step 7: Adding products to your dropshipping website

Once you install the AliDropship plugin on your WordPress site and set up the corresponding web browser extension, all that is left for you to do is to visit the product page in AliExpress and then select the import button to import the product, images, description, and price to your dropshipping website in one simple click.

dropshipping website

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

Once you have added the products to your dropshipping website, you can then start promoting them using social media, paid ads and influencer marketing.

The AliDropship plugin will also automatically fulfill your orders by entering the shipping details and contact information of the customers placing orders on your website.

dropshipping website

Starting a Dropshipping website

By following this guide you would have gotten a idea on how to create a dropshipping website and start selling products online using WordPress, WooCommerce and the AliDropship Plugin, and themes. 

The process of launching your dropshipping business is quite simple and as mentioned in this post could even be done in less than an hour. However, after this you need to spend a considerable amount of your money for promoting your products and time to maintain the website and handling the orders and interacting with your customers.

If done right, you can make some serious side income from your dropshipping website by spending a few hours every week and following the right strategies and selecting the right time to sell online and the right products to sell during holiday seasons like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Christmas.


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