M1 Mac mini 2020 Performance, RAM and stress test

m1 Mac mini

M1 Mac Mini 2020 is the latest desktop computer from Apple with the Apple Silicon-based chip instead of an Intel processor.

This post will be testing the performance and RAM management of the M1 Mac mini launched earlier this week.

m1 Mac mini

The stress test and performance review will involve running 10 YouTube tabs in the Safari web browser on my M1 Mac mini running on macOS Big Sur latest version with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

All the 10 YouTube tabs will be playing a 4K video simultaneously, as shown in the video below.

M1 Mac mini 2020 Performance, RAM, and stress test

I also opened many system and third-party apps to put the Mac mini into a stress test to see how much it can handle, and it will still perform smoothly after opening all these apps and running these tasks.

This test will also determine the M1 Mac mini late 2020 version’s memory and RAM management capabilities.

After performing these tasks and opening several apps, the Activity monitor app shows that the Mac mini is using 7GB RAM of the available 8GB with a few YouTube tabs, almost taking up 1GB of the RAM capacity.

I then decided to open several more system apps like iMovie, Pages, Stocks, Number, etc., and even an Apple Arcade game called Grindstone.

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The apps were all opening surprisingly quicker, especially the system apps, which show how well Apple optimizes them for the M1 chip.

The YouTube videos were still running in the background, and even after all this, there was not a single stutter in performance, and the RAM occupancy was still a little under 7 GB.

I then import a video to iMovie to see how fast it happens and if the video loads without any issues.

RAM management

And even with almost 90% of the RAM capacity being occupied, the M1 Mac mini did not seem to slow down even slightly, and the memory management is genuinely fascinating.

Apple has done a great job with the M1 chip, and I can now say with confidence that the device can handle anything I throw at it as far as day to day usage goes.

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