How to set custom charging animation on iPhone

With the iOS 14 update, Apple opened up the iPhone to many customization options, including customizing the home screen widgets, changing the app icons, and even installing themes.

A recent customization option added to the list is setting a custom charging animation and sound on your iPhone running the latest iOS 14 updates. 

Using this feature, you can choose between various charging animations and charging sounds that would be displayed automatically every time you connect your charger to your iPhone.

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This option also works for wireless charging and charging using a power bank. 

Here is how you can set a custom charging animation and a sound on your iPhone in a few simple steps.

How to set custom charging animation and sound on iPhone

Step 1:

First, install and open the app called Charging Play on your iPhone.

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Step 2: Select the charging animation for your iPhone

Now, open the app, click on Replace animation, and then select any charging animation you like from the available options.

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Step 3:

Once you have selected the charging animation you like, you can modify the options to enable or display animation sound and progress display according to your preferences.

Step 4:

Click on setup once you have applied the settings, and the app will ask you to view an advertisement to unlock and use the custom charging animation on your iPhone.

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Step 5:

Now, open the shortcuts app on your iPhone, tap on the Automation tab at the bottom, and click on the ‘Create Personal Automation’ button.

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Step 6:

On the next page, Select the charger automation at the bottom and choose the ‘Is connected’ option to create an automation that will run every time you charge your iPhone.

Step 7:

Tap on next, click Add action->Apps, select the Charging play option from the list, click next, disable the Ask before running option, and finally tap on Done.

Step 8: Setup charging animation on your iPhone

The custom charging animation is now enabled, and it will automatically run every time you charge your phone, either using the charging cable or wirelessly.

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