10 Signal tips and tricks only the pros know in 2021

Signal Messenger is currently gaining a lot of traction. Many people are switching from Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to Signal following the recent privacy policy change of Whatsapp and Elon Musk’s tweet.

While the Signal app’s primary user interface is similar to most popular messaging apps, people who are using Signal Messenger for the first time might be unfamiliar with a lot of its features and functionality.

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So, if you are one among the millions of people who recently switched from Whatsapp to Signal, this post will help you learn about the signal app’s tips, tricks, and features and use the Signal app more effectively.

10 Signal tips and tricks in 2021

Enable screen lock

Considering that the Signal app is mainly focused on privacy and security, it offers many features that will help you enhance those factors when you are using the Signal app.

One of the critical features and useful Signal tips in that list is the ability to enable screen lock for the Signal app on your phone, so every time you open the app, you will be asked to unlock the app using a passcode, fingerprint, or facial recognition before you can start using the app.

To enable the screen lock feature on the Signal app, open the app, go to app settings, and then from here, open the privacy settings page.

You can now enable the Screen lock option on this page and set the timeout value to either lock the app instantly after leaving the app or after a specified interval of time.

Relay voice calls

This is one of the unique features and best tips of Signal messenger that is not available on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. That is the ability to relay all your calls through the Signal server, ensuring that your IP address is not revealed to the person you are calling.

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You can significantly increase your privacy and security by enabling this feature from the Signal app’s Privacy settings page. However, keep in mind that this might have a slight negative impact on your calls’ quality.

Send disappearing messages

The disappearing or self-destructing messages is one of the Signal messenger’s significant privacy-focused features that allows you to send a message to any of your contacts, which will be automatically deleted after the specified amount time.

This feature will be handy when you want to share confidential or secret information with any of your contacts using the Signal app.

If you want to enable and use the Signal app’s disappearing messages, open the contact you want to send the message to, open the contact settings, and then enable the disappearing messages option.

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You can then set the message’s option automatically deleted within 5 seconds until up to 1 week after the message has been read.

Share view limit for images

Another cool Signal tip is that you can set a view limit when you are sharing an image with someone in the Signal app and after the limit has been reached, the person you have sent the photo to will no longer be able to view or access the image.

To use this feature, select an image you want to send to someone, and then before sharing the photo, tap on the infinity symbol at the bottom left corner of the image to change the option to 1x.

Now, once the person has viewed the image, the image will be removed from the chat, and neither of you will be able to view the image anymore.

Automatically delete old messages

You can also enable the option to automatically delete all your old messages in a conversation once the set limit has reached. This will not only help you to keep your inbox clutter-free and save storage space, but it also allows you to increase your privacy.

Unfortunately, this option is only currently available for the Android version of the Signal app.

To enable this option on your Android phone, open the Signal app, go to settings and then open the storage settings page. From here, enable the delete old messages option.

You can also set the conversation length limit to automatically delete old messages in a conversation once the limit has been reached.

Blur faces in images

If you often spend time trying to hide faces or objects in an image when you share it with someone, you might be happy to know that Signal has a feature that will automatically blur faces and objects in an image before sharing.

To use this feature, select an image you want to share with someone, and before sending it, click on the blue icon at the top, and the app will automatically blur all the faces in the app.

blur faces

You can also manually tap on any other faces or objects in an image to blur them as well.

Disable contact joined notifications

If you had recently joined Signal or the first among your friends to migrate from Whatsapp to Signal, you might notice that you keep getting a notification every time someone in your contacts list joins Signal.

You can disable this notification if you don’t want to be informed whenever someone joins Signal.

To do this, go to the Notifications settings of the Signal app, and then from here, disable the Contact joined Signal option under the Events section.

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Customize notifications

The Signal app also has options to customize how the notifications appear on your phone.

You can select options to receive Signal notifications with the name of the contact sending you the message, the message’s content, and any available actions, or just the name, or only a simple notification with no name or content.

To customize how the Signal notifications appear on your phone, go to the Signal app’s notification settings, and then under the Notification content section, select your preferred option.

Send notes to yourself

One of the most useful features in the Signal app is sending Notes, messages, and Images to yourself in the app that you can access from any device or use as a personal reminder feature.

To use this feature, search for Note to self by clicking on the Signal app’s home page, and then you can start sending messages and notes to this chat and can access it from any device you want.

You can also use this feature to share files and images wirelessly between cross-platform devices.

Unsend messages

Like in Whatsapp, you can also delete and unsend messages to someone after the message has already been sent. This is one of the most useful Signal tips and this trick works for videos and images as well.

All you need to do is to long-press the message or the image you want to unsend in a conversation and then select the delete icon at the bottom.

From here, you can then choose to either delete the message just for yourself or for everyone in the conversation, and the message will either be unsent or deleted for everyone in the chat.

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