Should you get Apple One is it worth it? – Everything you need to know

apple one worth

Apple One is a subscription bundle recently introduced by Apple that allows you to access Apple’s multiple software services for a single monthly fee.

Apple One was introduced to group together individual Apple services like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, Apple TV+, and iCloud storage.

The idea behind Apple One is that instead of paying a separate monthly fee for each individual service offered by Apple, users can pay a single and slightly reduced fee to access all of these services as part of a bundle.

Everything you need to know about Apple One

What is included in Apple One?

Apple One is divided into 3 different plans called Individual, Family, and Premier, with differences in the price and the services you can get.

The Individual plan is the most basic one, which gives you access to Apple Music, Arcade, TV+, and 50GB of iCloud storage for $14.95 a month.

The advantage of this plan is that if you are already paying separate monthly bills for more than one of these services included in the Individual Plan, you can opt-in for the bundle where you will get extra benefits and save $6 a month.

apple one worth

Of course, this would only make sense for you if you are buying the Apple One bundle and are not paying for them individually.

The Family plan is similar to the individual plan. Instead of the 50GB iCloud storage, you get 200GB of storage. You can also share the services in the bundle with 5 other people in your friends or family.

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The Premier plan is the priciest one. You should only buy this plan if you will use Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ regularly as they are not included in the other two plans.

But this is also the plan where you can save the most, provided you are a regular user of all the Apple services and are already paying monthly bills for them individually.

How much does Apple One cost?

As mentioned earlier, the Apple One bundle comes with three different plans. Each plan has a different price point and offers different features and services.

So, suppose you are just buying the Apple One bundle for yourself. In that case, you are probably better off paying a monthly fee for the Individual plan.

However, if you need more iCloud storage and are planning to share your friends or family’s services, choosing the Family plan would be a better choice.

You can share it with up to 5 people and save more money every month.

The premier plan is only for those who would definitely use the Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ services and need a lot of iCloud storage.

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If you don’t think you would be required those two, you might just upgrade the iCloud storage or opt for the Family plan.

So, the Individual plan costs $14.95 a month. You would be saving $6 if you buy the bundle instead of paying for the services separately.

The Family Plan costs $19.95 a month with $8 a month in savings, and the Premier plan costs $29.95 a month with a massive savings of $25 a month.

apple one worth

How to buy an Apple One subscription?

If you are convinced that you need Apple One and are ready to pay the monthly subscription fee, then head over to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, and then from here, go to Settings > Account > Manage Subscriptions.

On this page, you can then select to purchase Apple One subscription and choose any plan you want based on your requirements and preference.

You also get a one-month free trial no matter what plan you choose, so you can enjoy the services and use this one month time to determine whether you really need these and is Apple One worth paying the monthly fee.

What happens to your existing subscriptions with Apple One?

Suppose you have already subscribed to any of the Apple services like Apple Music or iCloud storage.

In that case, these services will be automatically included in your Apple One subscription after the one-month free trial has ended.

Is Apple One worth it?

Most Apple users regularly use Apple Music and iCloud, and they are happy to pay a monthly price.

One of the main reasons Apple introduced the Apple One subscription bundle is that other services like Apple TV+, News+, or Arcade are not getting as many monthly subscribers as they are expecting.

So, the idea behind this is to persuade users to use more of their services by slightly reducing the price and offering them as a bundle.

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I would say if you are already using Apple Music and iCloud storage, then paying a little extra for the Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ services could be worth it.

As just for a few extra dollars a month, you can play hundreds of games in Apple Arcade which adds a good collection of games regularly and also watch a good selection of TV shows and Movies in Apple TV+.

You can always make use of the one month free trial for the Apple One and determine if you really find it useful or worth it and go back to just paying for the individual services you regularly use instead of paying for the Apple One bundle.

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