Best wireless keyboard for 2021 iMac for every budget

wireless keyboard 2021 iMac

The all-new 2021 iMac is the latest in Apple’s lineup of devices to house the M1 chip, following the Macbook Pro, Air, and the Mac mini from last year. Apple has also added the M1 chip to the latest iPad Pro and the new iMac to unify its products with the same hardware components.

Apple launched the 2021 iMac earlier this week at Apple’s 2021 Spring event and several other software and hardware products like the 2021 M1 iPad Pro, Airtags, Apple TV 4K 2021 Podcasts+.

The new 2021 iMac is Apple’s first desktop PC to be released with the M1 chip this year. It is filled with exciting features like the 4.5K retina display, 1080p Full HD Facetime webcam, studio-quality mics, surround sound speakers, and of course, the powerful M1 processor.

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You can start ordering the 2021 iMac beginning from the end of this month, and Apple will start shipping it to the customers starting from the second half of May.

While the 2021 iMac is undoubtedly a great piece of hardware, it is pretty pricey, not unlike every other Apple product. It might not come with the best or price-friendly accessories, so we will be posting a series of posts in the coming weeks about the best accessories you can purchase for your 2021 iMac, preparing you before the preorder date arrives.

On that account, this post will list some of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos you can purchase in 2021 for your new iMac, no matter what your budget or requirement is. So, here we go.

Best wireless keyboard for 2021 iMac for every budget

iClever BK10 Wireless Keyboard for 2021 iMac

The iClever BK10 wireless keyboard is one of the most versatile and budget-friendly keyboards you can get for your 2021 iMac. The wireless keyboard is packed with exciting and useful features like multi-device compatibility and Bluetooth 5.1 support.

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You can use the keyboard with your 2021 iMac and any other devices like your iPhone, iPad, or even your Windows PC. The keyboard also has an ergonomic lift design that allows you to type comfortably for more extended periods.

iclever bk10

The iClever BK10 wireless keyboard is also equipped with a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 90 hours of usage time on just a single charge. The keyboard also has a matte finish coating with scissor keys for quiet and precise typing.

Jelly Comb Wireless keyboard for 2021 iMac

If you are looking for a multi-color keyboard with backlit functionality that would match the different colors of the 2021 iMac, then the Jelly Comb Wireless keyboard is a great choice. It has seven different backlit colors, including green, yellow, red, blue, and pink. You can switch between different colors and also use the brightness controls to cycle between different levels.

Buy Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard from Amazon

The keyboard also supports Bluetooth 5.1 technology which offers stable connectivity across multiple devices with simultaneous connections of up to 4 devices and easy switching between the devices. A full charge on the wireless keyboard will give you up to 320 hours of battery life, and it only takes about 3.5 hours to charge.

jellycomb wireless keyboard

It also comes with an energy-saving mode, an option to upgrade to bigger scissor-switch keys, and an ultra-slim design with a thin frame and nonslip rear surfaces for comfortable typing. The wireless keyboard is also a full-sized keyboard with separate numeric keypads, rare in most modern keyboards.

Macally Wireless Keyboard for 2021 iMac

The Macally wireless keyboard is one of the most functional and unique keyboards you can get for your 2021 iMac as it is one of those rare keyboard models that support charging through solar power. The keyboard has built-in solar panels in the top, charging your keyboard and giving it over 150 hours of battery life.

Buy Macally Wireless Keyboard for 2021 iMac

The keyboard also has other valuable features like the wireless range of up to 30 feet, support for over 21 Apple shortcuts, a separate numeric keypad. It can use any light source apart from the sun, as your room lights, to charge your keyboards, so you don’t have to worry about charging it any time.

macally wireless keyboard for iMac

The keyboard is also equipped with a back grip and 10-inch tilt support to make extended periods of typing more comfortable and easier. There are LED indicators on the top of the keyboard to indicate the battery level, and the caps lock status. You can also configure the shortcuts to enable them to enter your 2021 iMac to sleep, wake up, lock, and much more according to your preferences.

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Jelly comb Bluetooth keyboard for 2021 iMac

The Jelly Comb Bluetooth keyboard comes in three different colors, including grey, rose gold, and silver, perfectly complimenting your new 2021 iMac looks. The keyboard is also equipped with scissor-switch keys for quiet and comfortable typing and has a long range for Bluetooth connectivity.

Buy Jelly Comb Bluetooth Keyboard from Amazon

The keyboard also automatically goes to sleep mode when not in use, thus prolonging the battery life and reducing frequent charging. The build quality of the keyboard is quite solid and sturdy, and a silicone grip at the bottom, which helps the keyboard stay in position.

jelly comb wireless keyboard

The keyboard design is also constructed to closely resemble the Apple Keyboard design so you can get familiar with the keyboards within the first few minutes. With the rechargeable keyboard and extended battery life support, this is one of the best budget wireless keyboards you can get for your 2021 iMac.

Logitech MX Wireless Keyboard for 2021 iMac

The Logitech MX illuminated wireless keyboard is one of the best designed and aesthetically pleasing keyboards compatible with the 2021 iMac. The keyboard is optimized for macOS and iPadOS and features the same layout as the Apple Keyboard and the Macbook keyboard.

Buy Logitech MX Wireless Keyboard from Amazon

One of the most exciting features about the Logitech MX keyboard is the smart illumination function which automatically lights up the keys when you approach the keyboard and dim the lights when you move away from it.

logitech MX

The flow-enabled mouse cursor allows you to seamlessly switch between different devices and start typing using the keyboard immediately. The wireless keyboard is also equipped with a USB-C charging port and customizable function keys to match your workflow.

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Seenda Wireless Keyboard for 2021 iMac

The Seenda Wireless Keyboard for 2021 iMac is a hybrid with options for wireless and USB-based wired connection support. You can connect and use the keyboard simultaneously with up to 3 devices, including your 2021 iMac, Windows PC, iPad, and even your iPhone.

Buy Seenda Wireless Keyboard from Amazon

The rechargeable keyboard can be conveniently charged using a Type-C keyboard and will last up to 200 hours on a single charge. Seenda also provides a 1-year warranty with the wireless keyboard and supports any issue you might have with the keyboard.

Seenda Wireless keyboard for iMac 2021

With only 0.12 inch thickness, it is one of the slimmest wireless keyboards you can purchase for your 2021 iMac in the market. It is also functionally superior with customizable function keys and LED charging indicator support.

Jellycomb K071 Wireless Keyboard

The Jellycomb K071 wireless keyboard is one of the most uniquely designed and multi-functional keyboard for your 2021 iMac with a built-in trackpad with mouse buttons and gesture actions and support to be used as a keyboard for your Smart TV.

Buy Jellycomb K071 Wireless keyboard from Amazon

The keyboard requires 2 AAA batteries to function. It also configurable function keys that could be used for multimedia controls, and the built-in multi-touch keypad supports a ton of gestures for zooming in or out, scrolling, and swiping.


Apart from the ergonomic design and the sturdy materials, the keyboard is also equipped with a ton of other features like an energy-saving mode, auto sleep feature, compact key layout, and easy switch buttons to switch seamlessly between different devices.

Jellycomb backlit wireless keyboard

If you plan to use your iPad as a second screen with your 2021 iMac or are constantly switching between your iPad or iPhone and iMac, then the Jellycomb backlit keyboard would be the perfect keyboard accessory you can get for your 2021 iMac.

Buy Jellycomb Backlit wireless keyboard from Amazon

The keyboard is equipped with a sturdy holder that is strong and wide enough to fit both your iPad and your iPhone at the same time. With this and the Bluetooth 5.1 technology, you can connect your Jellycomb keyboard with up to 3 devices simultaneously and switch between them according to your preference.

jellycomb backlit

However, the best part about the wireless keyboard is that it has 15 different backlight effects coupled with three different color modes giving it a unique and fresh look and also one that will aesthetically match with your 2021 iMac.

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Perrix Wireless Keyboard for 2021 iMac

The Perris wireless keyboard is probably the most unique and ergonomically designed keyboard you can buy for your 2021 iMac. The keyboard has a split-key design with an integrated palm rest which helps you to reduce your median nerve pressure and forearm tension. The design is implemented according to your natural hand position to reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome even with continuous typing.

Buy Perrix Wireless Keyboard From Amazon

The keyboard is also equipped with distinct media buttons on the top for playback and volume control. It also has physical easy switch buttons on the back for quick and seamless switching between Windows and macOS. You can also get a keycap puller and four additional switchable keys.

Perrix wireless keyboard

If you are looking for an ergonomically designed wireless keyboard for your 2021 iMac with a comfortable palm rest, unique key design, and priced reasonably, then the Perrix keyboard would be a bang for your buck and has all the features you might need.

Logitech K750 Wireless Keyboard for 2021 iMac

The Logitech K750 is another wireless keyboard on the list that supports the solar charging functionality. This means that any light source, even the halogen lights in your room, can be used for powering your keyboard, and once charged, you can use it for up to 3 months without having to charge it again.

Buy Logitech K750 Wireless Keyboard from Amazon

While the solar charging feature makes the Logitec K750 Wireless keyboard stand out from the rest of the keyboards in the list, it is also a perfect keyboard for your 2021 iMac for several reasons the cushioned keys, whisper-quiet typing, media control keys, and a lightweight design. The keyboard also comes with the Logitech solar app, which lets you easily monitor the current battery level of the keyboard.

logitech k750

The keyboard is designed to complement the 2021 iMac. It is similar in looks to the Apple Keyboard, including a power button and indicator lights for the battery level. If you want a wireless keyboard to match the aesthetic of your 2021 iMac that also has a cool feature, you won’t regret picking the Logitech K750 wireless keyboard.

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