Twitter Blue: Everything new in Twitter’s Subscription plan

Twitter Blue Subscription

Twitter Blue is one more subscription plan introduced by a famous online platform or service you probably won’t pay for. In this post, we will explain in detail every new feature available in the Twitter blue subscription service.

According to Twitter, Twitter Blue, Twitter’s first-ever subscription offering that was launched on June 3rd, initially for Australian and Canadian users, will give the subscribed users access to exclusive access to features and perks designed to enhance and complement the already existing Twitter experience.

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Okay, enough about the Jibber jabber. Here is what you will get if you are somehow willing to pay the $5 monthly subscription fees to Twitter.

Twitter Blue Features and Perks

Bookmark folders

This is one of the highlight features of the Twitter blue subscription. Bookmark folders are exactly what they sound like. They allow you to create folders for your previously bookmarked tweets so that you can organize and find them easily in case you ever plan on using them in the future.

Twitter Subscription

Undo Tweet

This is probably the only exciting feature of the Twitter Blue subscription and might pursue many people to pay for the service.

The Undo tweet option allows you to click on an undo button after you have clicked on a post for up to 30 seconds if you want to edit your Tweet and make any changes before it gets shared to your follower’s general Twitter users.

Twitter Blue undo button

Yes, you can delete the Tweet and post it again. No, it is not remotely close to the edit feature people have been asking Twitter to add for many years, but this is what you get, and that too if you are willing to pay $5 for it.

Reader Mode

Reader mode is also another feature that you can find for free in many popular apps and web browsers. Still, Twitter has decided to charge you $5 a month for it, and can you blame their business plan for this?

It removes all the buttons and icons from a post or a Tweet, allowing you to read your favorite tweets and threads without any distractions.

Twitter Blue

I mean, it does sound cool, but is it cool enough that people would be willing to pay for it? Well, that is a good question.

Customisability options

Apart from these functional features, the Twitter Blue monthly subscription service also offers minor customization options like changing the app icon on your Home Screen and new theming options within the app. Twitter will also provide dedicated customer support options to paying customers.

Final thoughts about Twitter Blue

What are your thoughts on the Twitter Blue subscription service? Do you think it is worth paying $5 a month for these features, or you feel more valuable features should be added to Twitter for free? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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