iOS 15: Every single new feature announced in WWDC2021

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Here are all the new features that are announced for iOS 15 in the WWDC 2021 event

FaceTime features

iOS 15 introduces spatial audio to FaceTime calls and wide spectrum audio

New grid view for FaceTime calls similar to Zoom video calls

FaceTime will now support Portrait mode

FaceTime links can now be shared to anyone to ask them to join the calls

FaceTime can now be used even on Android and Windows through web browsers

SharePlay is a new feature that allows you to watch movies, music and even shade screen with friends in real time using FaceTime

You can use SharePlay to share videos in HBO Max Disney+ Tiktok and more.

iMessage features

Swipe through multiple photos in a chat

Shared with you section in News app that shows news articles shared with you in Messages by your contacts

Shared with you section also added to Music and Photos app to show the photos and music shared with you by your contacts in iMessage

It’ll automatically separate screenshots and memes

Share with you is also supported in Apple TV, Podcasts and Safari.

Notification changes

Contact photos for people and larger icons for apps

Notification summary section can be used to automatically schedule notifications based on time of day and priority

Do not disturb mode will notify people in messages that you are busy

Focus is a new feature introduced in iOS 15 to set modes for work family and personal.

Focus mode can be enabled to even display specific set of apps and widgets and home screen

Focus mode will automatically reflect in all Apple devices

Live text feature

Live text feature is similar to Google lens allowing you to copy text from photos in your library and new photos you capture from your phone in iOS 15.

Live text also works on iPad and Mac.

It can also be used for scanning objects, books and landmarks among other things.

Spotlight features

Spotlight can now directly search for photos in your devices.

Contact search in Spotlight will display everything related to a contract

Rich results for actors, movies and TV shows.

Memories feature

Apple music will be integrated with Memories in the Photos app to automatically add a personalised background music or song.

Memory mixes is a new feature that automatically chooses different photos, songs, transitions and colours.

You can add any song from your Music library to memories.

Wallet app features

Wallet app can now be used to unlock homes, corporate offices, hotel check-ins, and more.

This will also be supported in Apple Watch.

Identify cards like drivers licence and state ID will also be added to Apple Wallet app.

Weather app features

Redesigned app with new animations, backgrounds and more weather data.

Full screen and high resolution Weather maps to be added with precipitation and other data.

Apple Maps features

Apple Maps detailed view to be added to Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Australia later this year.

New night mode with moonlight glow in the background.

New road details like traffic lights, medians, bus lanes, crosswalks have been added.

Transit features like nearby stations and route following are added.

AR view similar to Google Maps has been added.

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