iPadOS 15: Every new feature introduced in WWDC2021


iPadOS 15 features

Widgets can now be placed anywhere on the home screen.

New find my and contacts widgets added.

New larger format for widgets to be added for bigger size widgets support for Apple TV, Photos, Files app and more.

App library is now added to iPadOS and can be added to the dock.

App pages can be hidden and reordered just like in iPhone.

Multitasking menu added to the top of the screen on all apps.

Split view and side over views added to the multitasking menu in the top.

A new feature called Shelf will save your preferred pair of apps to be used in Multitasking view.

New keyboard shortcuts introduced to iPadOS 15.

Notes app will now support mentions and activity view allowing you to collaborate with others.

Tag view could be used to quickly find notes by using hashtags.

Quick note feature allows you to create a note from anywhere by swiping from the bottom of the screen.

Quick note automatically recognises the app being used and shows options accordingly.

Quick notes can also be created in macOS and can be accessed and edited on iOS.

Translate app can now be used for practising writing in other languages.

Auto translate feature automatically detects the languages being spoken and translates accordingly.

System wide translation can be used to translate anything on your iPad and iPhone, even the text in photos.

You can now build apps on iPad using Swift UI.

Swift playgrounds app can be used to create apps on iPad.

It also includes useful guides and videos to build apps for iPad and iPhone.

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