Download Windows 11 wallpapers now for home screen and lock screen

download Windows 11 wallpapers

Windows 11 is the upcoming massive update from Microsoft after years of being in the same Windows 10 version.

download Windows 11

While the official event is scheduled for next week by Microsoft to unveil the latest version of Windows 11 to the masses, copies of Windows 11 have already leaked online.

Many people from the tech space have already got their hands on a copy of Windows 11 and are demonstrating the features. 

The overall design of the Windows 11 update looks very similar to Windows 10, with minor updates to the design like repositioning of the start menu and taskbar icons, redesigning of app windows, etc.

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download Windows 11 wallpapers

Download Windows 11 wallpapers now.

We will be posting a full coverage of the leaked Windows 11 update soon. Until then, enjoy the Windows 11 wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen before you experience the full update later this year.

Download Windows 11 Wallpapers

download Windows 11 wallpapers

Windows 11 highlights

  • The taskbar icons and start menu are now in a centered layout on the desktop
  • Microsoft Teams and Microsoft To-do apps are preinstalled
  • Live tiles from Windows 10 have been replaced with app icons
  • Icons design have been refreshed throughout the system
  • App windows now have rounded corners
  • Maximize button now has options to place Windows on any corner of your screen
  • Windows 11 introduces a new Widgets drawer with massive widgets

Stay tuned for our full coverage on the Windows 11 update for a detailed overview and thoughts on the latest version of Windows.

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