Best iOS apps I use daily: How I use my iPhone in 2021

best iOS apps

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it is my first iPhone and the device that pulled me into the Apple ecosystem and enticed me into buying all of my subsequent Apple products, including the iPad 7, AirPods Pro, Mac mini, HomePod, Apple Watch Series 5, and the Apple TV, all of the devices that I use every single day.

If it is not apparent already, I will say outright that I am an Apple fanboy, and I love being in the walled garden. I have also subscribed to Apple One and primarily use Apple apps on my devices as long as there is no better third-party alternative available.

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I can go on and on about how great Apple’s products are and how well they work together in the infamous Apple ecosystem. Still, I will save that for another post as this post is mainly about how I use my iPhone 11 Pro Max daily, the different apps I use throughout my day, and what I use them for.

This post aims to give you an idea of how the iPhone and the iOS apps can help you make your life better every day and use the right set of apps to make significant changes to your lifestyle and achieve whatever goals you set out to achieve.

Ok, enough foreplay, let’s jump in.

I have listed the apps in alphabetical order, and in that fashion, the first iOS app in this list that I use every day is the AdGuard app. If you don’t already know, it is an ad-blocking extension for Safari that helps you to block any ads, pop-ups, or redirecting ads on the Safari browser on your iPhone.

best iOS apps

You can also set up whitelists within the AdGuard app to support sites you love without blocking ads on specific websites. The best part about AdGuard is that it also works with YouTube in Safari, allowing you to stream ad-free YouTube videos on your iPhone even with the YouTube premium subscription.

Audible is another popular app I use daily, especially when I am traveling to work or back home. It is one of the best iOS apps for audiobooks and has one of the largest collections of Audiobooks on the planet, and you also get one free credit every month that can be used to purchase and listen to any audiobook available in the app.

best iOS apps

I am currently listening to a fantasy Audiobook called The Name of the Wind by Rupert Degas. I mostly spend my commute listening to the Audiobook, thanks to the noise cancellation feature in Airpods Pro, which is a blessing. I also sometimes try to stream Audiobook through my Homepod at night before falling asleep. The sleep timer feature on your iPhone will help you with this.

Authy is one of my favorite two-factor authentication apps to use as it is not only highly secure and looks good, but it is also straightforward, saving you a ton of time during the initial setup and subsequent uses.

The best part about Authy is that it also has a compatible Apple Watch app, so whenever I am trying to login to a website with two-factor authentication enabled like Facebook or Gmail or my Cryptocurrency exchange of choice, Kraken, I can quickly open the Authy app on my Apple Watch and then enter the code to sign in instead of having to fiddle with my iPhone.

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Backdrops is one of the best iOS apps for customizing your iPhone and it is the wallpaper app I have been using since my Android days, and even after switching to iOS, it still is my preferred Wallpaper app. I like to keep things interesting, at least in terms of my iPhone’s wallpaper, and with a ton of custom made exclusive wallpapers and an easy to use interface, Backdrops will be opened by me at least once a day to browse through the wallpapers and pick my favorite one to set as my phone’s background.

best iOS apps

I have recently switched from Spark email to Canary email, and I have loved it so far. While Spark is a great email app, a few features that Canary offered, like reading receipts for your email, contact profiles, Face ID lock, advanced encryption, and 1-click unsubscribe, made me jump ship.

best iOS apps

I know that Canary is a paid app and Spark is free, but I am a Setapp subscriber. I pay $9.99 a month to access Canary along with a bunch of other premium apps so that I could justify swapping Spark with Canary, and as I mentioned, I did have a few excellent reasons to do so.

This app is pretty much self-explanatory, I click on the notifications every morning to check out my daily horoscope, and some days when I am impatient and snoopy, I also take a peek at the horoscope for the next day to check how the Astrology gurus have predicted my future.

best iOS apps

I am not a big believer in Astrology, nor do I have any superstitions. I mostly just read the predictions to try and see if it is accurate and get a bit of motivational boost on the common occurrence that I need it.

Disney+ is one of the best iOS apps when it comes to streaming and it has quickly become one of my favorite streaming apps. Not only do I feel like it has a better user interface and design compared to the Netflix or the Amazon Prime apps, but it also only has one subscription option, unlike the three tiers Netflix offers. It is also the home to some of my favorite superhero shows and movies, and I have been loving catching up to the Disney+ originals, most recently Loki.

best iOS apps

I mostly use Disney+ on my iPhone to watch a movie or a TV series during my lunch break. I am currently watching Futurama, and sometimes I also use the app to stream some film on the commute home if I am too tired to concentrate and listen to an audiobook.

As I mentioned earlier, I am an Apple Fanboy, and I deliberately subscribed to Apple One when it was announced to brag that I have it. However, it did not take a lot of time to realize the benefits that came along with it, primarily the Fitness+ subscription. I mainly use the Fitness app on my iPhone to go through the Fitness plans and workout videos in the Fitness+ program.

Suppose you have an Apple Watch and an Apple TV like I do. In that case, you can play the Fitness and workout videos on your Apple TV while wearing the Apple Watch. The Fitness+ program will automatically calculate your health metrics like your heart rate, calories burnt. Workout time and will display it on your Apple TV, helping you to easily keep track of your workout and achieve your fitness goals.

Fluid is an app that I use to distract myself from stressful situations, which I find myself to be in a surprising amount of times recently. You can draw anything on your screen with your fingers, and the psychedelic swirls and images start to appear based on hand movements and touch pressure, and it somehow helps you to relieve stress and relax, which I cannot explain in words, and you have to try and see it for yourself.

I recently purchased a PS4 Pro app, and I have been searching for an app or a service that will help me to keep track of the games I have been playing, and also the ones I want to play in the future with other information like similar games, reviews, and some interesting tidbits. I finally stumbled upon GameTrack, and it seemed to have all the features I was looking for.

I use GameTrack to check out reviews for the games I plan on playing, the time it takes to beat the story missions, extras, and watch any trailers or teasers of the game, all in one place.

Hush is a great app that automatically blocks all the ‘accept all cookies and similar popups on your Safari web browser, and all you need to do is just install the app, and that’s it.

Kraken is a Cryptocurrency exchange that I use daily to check how my investments are doing, something that I find myself doing less often these days as the market seems to be in a bloodbath currently.

However, I still open the app during different times of the day to see if there have been any slight improvements or if I can spot any green.

I use Noizio whenever I am trying to get some work done or read anything and it is one of the best iOS apps that help you to concentrate. Noizio is an app that is decided to help you be more productive and increase your concentration levels. You can use it to generate a combination of noises like rain, storm, keyboard, birds in the park, campfire, and more.

You can also save your favorite combinations, change the volume levels of different audio, set a sleep timer from within the app, and so on. The AirPods Pro and the Noizio are a deadly combination and can help you reach unimaginable levels of concentration.

Paste is a godsend if you often copy and paste stuff across your Apple devices. It has a clipboard manager and clipboard history option that saves everything you copy for weeks at a time. You can access your copy history anytime and use them across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Receipt Jar is a great way to make some extra money on the side if you make regular purchases every day like me. All you need to do is scan your receipt and upload it based on your spent amount. You will be allotted particular points. Once you accumulate enough points, you can use it to purchase stuff from within the app or withdraw as cash to your bank.

Ulysses is one of the best iOS apps for writing and it is the app that I use to store scripts for my Tech Explained podcast or YouTube channel. I mostly use the web app to write screenplays, gather ideas for my blog post, and prepare notes. However, the iPhone app is helpful if I randomly want to go through my notes in the middle of the day.

While it can be used to create and publish a blog post from scratch to finish, the WordPress mobile app is not an ideal way to publish your blog posts to the world for obvious reasons. However, I open the WordPress app several times a day to check out the views, see what positions are performing well on any given day and also reply to comments on my blog posts.

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