How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile in 2021

viewed instagram profile
Instagram is one of the largest photo and video sharing platforms on the planet, with over a billion downloads across all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. 
With a continually growing user base and an urge to introduce new features from time to time, the Facebook-owned app has succeeded in keeping its fan base happy for a long time.
But there is one feature that most of us want but cannot get, to see who has seen or viewed our Instagram profile. You may be a famous person on Instagram or even someone with less than 100 followers, but everyone was always eager to know who has checked our profile.
This may be an exciting thing for ordinary people or even profitable for those maintaining their business accounts on Instagram. So I am going to show you a gimmick-free way of how to know whether your ex or the girl you have got your eyes on for a long time has viewed your profile or not.
Here’s how:
Step 1:
First, download and install the Who Viewed My IG Insta Profile app from the Google play store and then open it.
Step 2:
Now enter your login details consisting of your username and password of the Instagram account for which you want to see who viewed your Instagram profile.
Step 3:
The app will then proceed to verify your profile and will show you the top 100 people who have viewed your Instagram profile recently.
Step 4:
You can also use the app to then to view all the people on Instagram who have liked and commented on your posts from the same page.
That’s it now you can be sure of your long-running dilemma of whether they have viewed your Instagram profile or not and even use the screenshot as proof if they deny it.
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