10 reasons you should get into the Apple Ecosystem

apple ecosystem

If you don’t already know, the Apple ecosystem is a digital ecosystem of all the Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Airpods, Homepod, and the Apple TV.

Of course, this also covers Apple’s software services, including Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple News, iMessage, and more.

While other tech companies also have ecosystems like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung, none are as well developed and established as Apple’s ecosystem. As the saying goes, it just works in the Apple ecosystem.

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Even though many people continue to argue that Apple has a lot of unfair advantages in this ecosystem and does some unethical things, or that it is like a walled garden, there are several benefits to be a user in the Apple ecosystem and this post, I am going to list some of the best advantages and benefits of owning more than one Apple product and subscribing to their services.

Note: The prerequisite for any of the features in this list to work is that all of your devices are connected to a WiFi network and are all signed in to the same Apple ID account. Some of them also require Bluetooth to be turned on.

10 reasons you should get into the Apple Ecosystem

Continue progress in apps across devices

If you constantly tend to switch between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac throughout the day, then you will find this Apple ecosystem feature genuinely helpful and time-saving. Whenever you open any system app on your iPhone or iPad or even some supported third-party apps like Spark email or Chrome browser, the app instance will also be available on your Mac instantly.

For example, if you are reading an email or typing a note on the Notes app on your iPhone, the app instance will be automatically open on your Mac. So you can click on the app icon on your dock and then continue to do whatever you were doing on your iPhone or iPad on your Mac without skipping a beat.

Make calls and send messages from any device

With the Facetime app installed on all of your Apple devices, you can instantly make and receive calls and send and reply to text messages on any of your devices. Even if you take a call on your iPhone or iPad, you can then transfer the call to your Mac or Homepod by just clicking on the speaker icon.

This feature is handy in scenarios where you want to switch from an audio call on your iPhone to a video call on your Mac, or if you’re going to continue a conversation you were having with someone on your Mac on your iPhone even after leaving your home or office.

Autofill OTP codes on any device

If you have a Mac and an iPhone, then this feature is a godsend because every time you receive an OTP for trying to sign in to any online account on your Mac, you need not manually check the OTP you received as a message on your iPhone and then type it on your Mac.

Thanks to the Apple ecosystem magic, your OTP message will automatically be filled in the respective field on your Mac without you having to do anything.

Automatically installing apps across devices

If you go to the App store settings from the Settings app on your iPhone or your iPad and then enable the automatic downloads option for both Apps and app updates, then whatever app or game you install on your iPhone will automatically be installed on your iPad, Mac, and even your Apple TV simultaneously based on their availability for that particular device.

apple ecosystem

If you have an Apple Arcade subscription, then enabling this feature will automatically install any game you install on your iPhone across all your Apple devices, allowing you to instantly play and continue the game progress on any of your Apple devices.

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Instant Hotspot

When you are out and about and want to connect to the internet on your Mac or your iPad, then all you need to do is click on the WiFi icon and connect to your iPhone’s hotspot already there waiting for you, without you having to do any setup in advance. 

apple ecosystem

While this might seem like a minor convenience, if this feature had not existed, you have to unlock your phone, go to settings, enable hotspot, and connect your laptop or iPad to the internet. Now the Instant hotspot sounds like an essential feature, doesn’t it?

Use Find my to find devices

The Find my app is installed by default on all of your Apple devices, including your Apple Watch, and it just doesn’t serve the purpose of finding the location of your friends, but can also be used to track the location of your Apple devices and even remotely erase them or play a sound on them to find them.

As long as you have signed in to the same Apple ID on all your devices and connected to the internet, you can track their location no matter where they are in the world. In addition, some latest model Apple devices can be tracked even if they are offline or powered off.

Using Apple Watch and Apple Pay with Mac

As I have previously mentioned in another post, the Apple Watch can unlock your Mac as a substitute to authenticate admin-level actions without manually typing in the passwords and sometimes even making purchases online on websites that support Apple Pay.

apple ecosystem

You can also authenticate purchases made using Apple Pay by double-tapping the power button for Face ID or using the Touch ID on your iPhone, thus making the transaction quick and secure and reducing the hassle of manually entering your card details.

Use Airpods with all your devices

I feel like the Airpods are one of the best products from Apple in a long time, and they become even better when you are in the Apple ecosystem. Not only do they seamlessly switch between all your Apple devices based on which device is currently playing audio, but they are also great with Siri, with hands-free options to call or text someone or even get quick updates about the weather or traffic.

apple ecosystem

Sharing screen time limit across devices

The purpose behind the screen time feature on your iPhone is to set downtime and allowances for yourself for various apps by setting a timer. Once the timer runs out, you will not use the blocked apps for the rest of the day. You can also set time limits for communication to prevent yourself from messaging or calling someone more than a particular amount of time in a day.

apple ecosystem

However, the best part about the screen time feature is that the app and communication limits you set on one Apple device will automatically be reflected across all your devices, so you won’t be able to use Facebook or TikTok on any of your devices for the rest of the day after the timer runs out.

Continuity features

The bunch of features Apple collectively calls Continuity features are the building blocks behind Apple’s ecosystem. Some of these features are copying anything on any of your Apple devices and pasting them on any device, using Airdrop to instantly share anything between your Apple devices, starting to type an email or reading an article on one device and then continuing it on another device, and sharing your WiFi password across your devices.

apple ecosystem

There are so many more intricate minor features that make the Apple Ecosystem what it is today. With more devices in the mix like the Apple TV, Homepod, Apple Pencil, and AirPods Max, the features and the overall experience keep getting better.

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