5 Best Apple Arcade games in August 2021

best apple arcade

Apple Arcade, a service that initially seemed like it is not worth it, made me question why I would pay a subscription fee every month, however minimal it might be, to play a couple of games that aren’t even good or exciting.

However, I stand corrected, as Apple Arcade now provides an excellent value for your money with hundreds of original games and classic titles, with new ones added almost every week.

Apart from the primary selling point that you will play games exclusively designed for Apple Arcade if you pay for the subscription service, Apple Arcade also has a sleuth of other impressive features.

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Some of the features and functionality that make paying monthly subscription fees for Apple Arcade worth it is the ability to play on any Apple device you own, support for controllers, no ads or in-app purchases on any game.

You also get to play some popular paid Apple store games like Leo’s Fortune and Badlands for free and more premium Apple store games are being added to Apple Arcade every few weeks,

This post will cover the 5 Best Apple Arcade games that you can play on any of your Apple devices in August of 2021. The games cover various genres like Action, RPG, Racing, Puzzle, and Adventure.

5 Best Apple Arcade games in August 2021

Super Leap Day

Super Leap day is the latest addition to the game library of the Apple Arcade’s subscription, and it has a unique concept that introduces new playable levels every day.

Yes, you read that right. The game falls under the Action and Adventure genres, and you can play it with single touch and control, making it an awesome one-hand game perfect for your iPhone or iPad.

The levels are designed to be colorful and aesthetically pleasing and your progress through each level by avoiding the different type of obstacles and collecting fruits like bananas, apple and gold coins along the way to increase your score.

best apple arcade

The game mechanism involves various movements like jumping, flying, high jump, sticking to walls, sliding, and more.

As you progress through each day and level, you get to interact with many in-game elements and characters like Puffer, Spout, and Goop, each one with their unique set of skills and abilities.

If you are looking for a quick distraction and would love to spend a few minutes of your free time by playing a one-hand playable game with eye-catching visuals, then Super Leap day will not disappoint you.

Doodle God Universe

This is one of my favorite Apple Arcade games that I have played in recent times, and not only is the game very well designed and has a unique gameplay concept, it also makes you think while entertaining you.

The graphics of Doodle God Universe and the 3D animation are magnificent, and the central idea behind the game, as implied by the title, is that you get to play god and create a universe from scratch.

Doodle God Universe

The game will initially give you a few essential elements like air, water, and fire, and you have to mix and match them to form new stuff and use them to construct the building blocks of your world, including animals, houses, and humans.

The game gets progressively more challenging as you keep playing it, but don’t worry; you get plenty of helpful hints and suggestions throughout the end if you are stuck at any point.

My favorite part about the game is the easter eggs like ghosts, zombies, and Phoneix formed when you randomly combine two seemingly unrelated elements.

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If you love puzzle-based games with great graphics and exciting gameplay that also helps you learn a new thing or two, you should try playing Doodle God Universe.

Detonation Racing

Detonation Racing is probably one of the most uniquely designed car racing games I have played in a long time.

Instead of the usual bells and whistles like picturesque locations and different racing categories like Drift and offroad, Detonation Racing is all about winning the race by any means necessary, even throwing a few nuclear bombs on your opponent’s cars or the race track or performing any hazardous activity you can.

The game also has an online mode that allows you to race against your friends or family members and gives you the satisfaction of destroying a car and winning against someone you actually know instead of some dumb AI car.

best apple arcade

Detonation racing is equipped with six gorgeous-looking race tracks and nine powerful and hyper-fast cars with plenty of options to customize them according to your likings.

However, my favorite and the most exciting and thrilling part about the game is that all the racing tracks are rigged to explode, and you won’t know what will happen on the track.

If you are a fan of Arcade-looking race games and want to play something unique and exciting, you should take a ride on one of the cars in Detonation racing. Don’t break your phone if you can’t win; be better.

Legends of Kingdom Rush

There are very few RPGs or strategy games in Apple Arcade’s library, but Legends of Kingdom Rush is one of the good ones.

As you can expect from any of the games in Apple Arcade, the game is elegantly designed, but it stands out in its engaging gameplay and an exciting combat system.

Legends of Kingdom Rush

The gameplay comprises five legendary heroes and eleven companion heroes, each with their own set of unique skills and abilities to contribute and help you win your combats.

Getting yourself familiar with the combat system and the tons of combinations of exceptional skills and abilities of every hero might seem tedious. Still, once you play the game for a couple of hours, you can then zip through the gameplay.

You need to progress through different levels of the games by winning combats with your opponents by placing your heroes and team members on a hexagonal-shaped grid layout depending on their skills and abilities.

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The best part about the game is you get to strategize every combat of yours by tactically placing your heroes on the grids to form the best possible team to defeat your enemies.

Frenzic: Overtime

Frenzic: Overtime is kind of like the classic Minesweeper game on steroids. It is designed to look exactly like a vintage Arcade game but with a twist of modern-day high-resolution graphics and visuals.

You need to solve hexagonal and pie-shaped puzzles in each level to progress through the game, the puzzles, as you might expect, get harder at each level, but you can use different kinds of powerups to help you with the puzzles.

best apple arcade

The game also has a little helper called Zapbot, which can get tips across different levels. The game has over 45 different levels, but I have only played about 10 of them, already hooked.

You can also switch between different game modes and also solve the hundreds of mini-goals along the way to keep things interesting. 

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